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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Technology in bloom: implications for the next 50 years

Cyberspace 2000: dealing with information overload

ACM 97: speakers corner

The next 50 years

The body electric

Hardware, software, and infoware

Education and jobs in the digital world

A time of transition

Pervasive information systems

Garage cinema and the future of media technology

How to surf the technology waves we created

The frontier between us

World-wide computer

Between hope and fear

Post-WIMP user interfaces

The best of all possible worlds

Better democracy through technology

The digital revolution in retrospect

Asleep at the keyboard

Directing policy-making beyond the Net's metaphor

The right to read

What will happen in the next 50 years?

Crush and crash: logic of a terrible tomorrow

Sensors: the next wave of innovation

Looking for a humane interface: will computers ever become easy to use?

The past and future history of the Internet

Look in the spaces for tomorrow's innovations

The microprocessor: engine of the technology revolution

Globalizing business, education, culture through the Internet

My computer-related wish list for the next 50 years

Spinning Webs into the 21st century

Software engineering: stretching the limits of complexity

A new social contract for research

Communications technology and its impact by 2010

Database research faces the information explosion

Inside risks: Hopes for fewer risks?