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Communications of the ACM

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Electronic Frontier: Blanking on Rebellion: Where the Future Is 'Nabster'

Law enforcement has begun using face recognition software and surveillance cams, turning everyone into a de facto suspect.

The Profession of IT: The Core of the Third-Wave Professional

The IT profession is the first profession in the third wave of civilization.

Viewpoint: From Teragrid to Knowledge Grid

Integrating distributed resources into cohesive, virtual supercomputers.

On Site: Innovative Use of Email For Teaching

Developing a system that significantly reduces the burden of course administration.

-Using Handhelds and PCs Together

Pebbles spreads computing functions and their related user interfaces across all computing and input/output devices available to a particular user or group of users, even when they're communicating wirelessly.

Insights and Analyses of Online Auctions

Exploring the structure and mechanisms for online mercantile processes and bidding strategies.

A Web Site Design Model For Financial Information

Using the Internet to efficiently market companies to a variety of investors.

Maximizing the Value of Internet-Based Corporate Travel Reservation Systems

Potentially significant cost savings have created interest among corporate travel managers in Internet-based booking systems, but most adopting organizations have yet to overcome their "limits to value."

The End of Career

Ubiquitous computing is not only influencing our lives, but our livelihoods. Indeed, traditional career choices and paths will require fundamental attitude adjustments.

Funding the Computing Revolution's Third Wave

The current wave of the Computing Revolution flows around interconnectivity, and the winners in this rush will be manufacturers and consumers.

A Computational Model of Everything

A trio of systems adds up to a comprehensive model of computing.

How We Know What Technology Can Do

Theory and practice coexist in the computing world, however, theory has surpassed practice and practice can learn a great deal from the trip.

Information Technology and Physical Space

Expect a substantial decrease in demand for space for offices, stores, factories, and warehouses over the next five years due to IT-related changes in how businesses are run and consumers shop, communicate, and travel.

A Market-Based Perspective on Information Systems Development

The ongoing shift in how software is made—from user organizations developing their own to a market in which vendors package ready-to-install products—means fundamental changes in how information systems are developed.

Inside Risks: Risks of Panic