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Communications of the ACM

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COLUMN: Editorial Pointers

Editorial Pointers


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COLUMN: Digital Village

The Code Red Worm

Malicious software knows no bounds.
COLUMN: Log on Education

Revolutionizing the Traditional Classroom Course

Is the computer the device that can change the campus as we know it?

Operating an Emergency Information Service

Using the Internet to help cope with disaster.

The Growing Debate Over Science and Technology Advice For Congress

Scientific and policy leaders interact during a rare but useful workshop on Capitol Hill.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

The Dmca Needs Fixing

Reexamining U.S. copyright laws.
COLUMN: Technical Opinion

Toward Virtual Marketplaces For E-Commerce Support

Using advanced technologies to support both sellers and buyers.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Collaborative Virtual Design Environments

Collaborative Virtual Design Environments: Introduction

Computer-generated animated and enhanced movies and training simulations are now commonplace because of an exponential increase in cost-effective computer power and software robustness. Today, pilots and astronauts routinely …

Shared Vision

General Motors proved fertile ground for implementing collaborative technologies for designing cars.

Design Engineering in Virtual Environments

Collaborative Virtual Environments For Analysis and Decision Support

Creating a productive collaborative environment requires a delicate balance of technology, knowledge, and trust.

Expert Finding For Collaborative Virtual Environments

A Shared Virtual Environment For Exploring and Designing Molecules

Collaborative Shape Conceptualization in Virtual Design Environments

Vague discrete modeling is a flexible and adaptable means for designers to express and shape ideas in a collaborative environment.

3D Animation of Telecollaborative Anthropomorphic Avatars

A high-performance solution offers faster 3D representation of users by avatars without compromising real-time interactivity.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Global Applications of Collaborative Technology

Global Applications of Collaborative Technology: Introduction

Collaborative technologies, sometimes referred to as "groupware applications" given their deployment to support groups of individuals engaging in collaborative tasks, have developed rapidly in the last few years. Much of this …

Global Virtual Teams

Recent interviews with GVT leaders and members offer critical advice from the trenches regarding the challenges and coping strategies for collaborating on a global scale.

The Myth of the Boundaryless Organization

Technology does not make cultural and business boundaries disappear simply because it exists.

Groupware and the Social Infrastructure of Communication

Communication technologies can supplement, but never supplant, the value of social bonds and trusting relationships.

Building A Global Learning Community

Communicating over differing continents and time zones is not an obstacle when the quality and tone of the communication are viewed as important as the project at hand.

Cultural Perceptions of Task-Technology Fit

Acknowledging cultural differences helps companies build the strongest global virtual teams and determine the strongest tools they need.

Paradoxes and Prerogatives in Global Virtual Collaboration

Case study findings from several corporate environments suggest that successful virtualization does not depend on the degree of technological sophistication. It's how the tools are used that matters.

Nonconsensual Negotiation in Distributed Collaboration

Admediation: New Horizons in Effective Email Advertising

Using incentive-based approaches to match interested buyers and sellers.

Web Search---Your Way

Improving Web searching with user preferences.

Internet Publishing and Transformation of Knowledge Processes

Surveying the transition from conventional to Internet-based publishing mechanisms.
COLUMN: Inside Risks

Risks of National Identity Cards