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Communications of the ACM

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News Track

The Business of Software

With its valuable characteristics, software is the most effective knowledge storage medium, making it the future currency of the world.

Digital Village: A Cyberpublishing Manifesto

The distribution of digital information on physical media is just not effective. Information belongs in cyberspace.

Digital Immortality

Closing the Circle of Information Technology

Virtual Beings


Digital Experience

The Desktop Fab

Look to the Past to Envision the Future

Affecting Humanity

The Future Is Ours

Astronauts and Mosquitoes

-User Interfaces: Disappearing, Dissolving, and Evolving

User-computer interfaces are a necessary evil.

When Everything Is Searchable

Bandwidth and the Creation of Awareness

The Paradox of Place

The Wireless Web

The Digital Physics of Data Mining

If we were logical, the future would be bleak indeed. But we are more than logical. We are human beings, and we have faith, and we have hope, and we can work. —Jacques Cousteau, oceanographer

When Computers Speak, Hear, and Understand

When the Network Is Everything

Wearables in 2048

Pushing Functionality Into Even Smaller Devices

Computational Bioimaging For Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

"The future of radiology is not getting the data. We have plenty of data. The need is how to make use of all the data we have." —Dr. William Orrison, chairman, Department of Radiology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Computers and Biology

Continuum Computer Architecture For Exaflops Computation

Never Lost, Never Forgotten

Spiritual Life and Information Technology

Ultimate Cryptography

Promise and Peril?the Deeply Intertwined Poles of 21st Century Technology

The End of Computing Science?

The Computer-Mediated Economy

Be Absolute For Death: Life After Moore's Law

Accountability Through Transparency;: Life in 2050

Toward a New Politics of Intellectual Property

Forget the Past to Win the Future

The Demise of Sovereignty

Electronic Empire

A Larger Role in the Public Policy Process For User Control

Inventing the Future

Can Freedom Withstand E-Books?

Many Zeros Ahead

Insurance and the Computer Industry

The Future of the Internet Digital Divide

Developing the Future

Will Software Ever Work?

A Just-in-Time Software-Based World

Back to the Future

The Ubiquitous Beauty of User-Aware Software

Computer Security?an End State?

A Commonsense Opportunity For Computing

Keep (Over)reaching For the Stars

The year is 50,000 B.C. By a stream in the woods, very close to San Francisco Bay, stood Gulden Gote both nervous and excited about the experiment he was about to perform. The elders of the tribe stood close by in rapt attention …

Education Is the Key to Future Dreams

Universal Literacy?a Challenge For Computing in the 21st Century

The Computer Isn't the Medium, It's the Message

Closing the Fluency Gap

Inside Risks: Computers: Boon or Bane?