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Communications of the ACM

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Digital: The Y2k E-Commerce Tumble

The real millennium catastrophe was an overreliance on technology to overcome the weaknesses of a bad business model.

The Profession of IT: The IT Schools Movement

Building an education for an IT professional without the idiosyncratic constraints of any particular specialty . . . from the ground up.

Viewpoint: Free Speech Rights For Programmers

Misuse of copyright law is an affront to the rights of computer scientists.

Viewpoint: Pondering Pixelized Pixies

Should digital images, even those some consider pornography, have the same constitutional protection as any other form of expression?

What Storytelling Can Do For Information Visualization

Storytelling allows visualization to reveal information as effectively and intuitively as if the viewer were watching a movie.

Visual Exploration of Large Data Sets

In the rising tide of business transaction data, these tools help distinguish which are strategic assets and which are not worth collecting in the first place.

Visualizing Online Activity

Look and learn which page of perhaps thousands Web site visitors linger on before clicking yes and no, which drove them to the exit button, and many more actionable patterns, trends, and insights.

Populating the Hermitage Museum's New Web Site

Experts from around the world tackle one of the most ambitious Web-based museum projects and the result captures the true artistry of teamwork, technology, and yes, art.

The Internet Is Changing the Music Industry

An emerging distribution paradigm is redefining the roles of traditional music retailers, tightening competition within the industry and allowing more efficient ways for consumers to get their music.

Exploring the Web with Reconnaissance Agents

Why surf alone? New agent technology can scout out the online terrain and recommend the best paths for you to follow.

Coping with Rapid Changes in IT

Rapidly changing information technology is challenging IT management, requiring development of coping strategies.

Inside Risks: Risks in Email Security