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Communications of the ACM

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COLUMN: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track

COLUMN: The business of software

The Spiritual Life of Projects

The human factor in software development is the ingredient that ultimately gives a project team its soul.
COLUMN: From Washington

Too Much of a Good Thing

The contested balance of civil liberties vs. police power was never more apparent than on September 11.
COLUMN: On site

A Practical Approach For Implementing E-Commerce Programs in Business Schools

Ignoring the `e' component in business education does a great disservice to students preparing for a career in business.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Meeting the Virtual Work Imperative

How collaborative technologies can facilitate face-to-face meetings without the need to even be in the same room.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Game engines in scientific research


Serious computational results are derived from computer-based games.

The New Cards

Research in Human-Level AI Using Computer Games

ARQuake: The Outdoor Augmented Reality Gaming System

Unreal Tournament For Immersive Interactive Theater

Gamebots: A Flexible Test Bed For Multiagent Team Research

Testing and Demonstrating Context-Aware Services with Quake III Arena

The ACM Annual Report FY01

SPECIAL ISSUE: Internet abuse in the workplace


The ubiquitous nature of the Internet is dramatically revolutionizing the manner in which organizations and individuals acquire and distribute information. Recent reports from the International Data Group indicate the number …

Company Profile of the Frequent Internet User

Web addict or happy employee?

Constructive Approaches to Internet Recreation in the Workplace

"Banana Time" takes on new dimensions when it comes to the Internet.

Abuse or Learning?

How Do I Loaf Here? Let Me Count the Ways

Cyberloafing in an Asian context.

Aligning Internet Usage with Business Priorities

Regulating Internet activities so that targeted outcomes remain within acceptable limits.

Acceptable Internet Use Policy

Surveying use policies of three organizations—educational institutions, ISPs, and non-ISPs.

Does Electronic Monitoring of Employee Internet Usage Work?

Using a controlled setting to study the effects of monitoring.

Monitoring For Pornography and Sexual Harassment

The legal basis for workplace surveillance when dealing with two particular Internet abuses.

Voice Over IP

How can voice over the Internet claim a greater share of the worldwide phone market from the voice infrastructure dominated for more than 100 years by the public-switched telephone network?

The Status of Helpdesk Support

What do end users want? A survey of helpdesk services found they're more likely to turn to informal and online sources of support, including friends and vendors.

Managing Your Total IT Cost of Ownership

Though the TCO of end-user workstations can always be reduced by sacrificing end-user service, careful planning can reduce the costs without the sacrifice.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Will Uml 2.0 Be Agile or Awkward?

The UML sits at an architectural crossroad. Will UML 2.0 resolve the problems of UML 1.x or will it succumb to the dreaded second-language syndrome?
COLUMN: Thinking objectively

Accomplishing Software Stability

The kitchen proves an ideal setting to illustrate how stability and change work together within software.

Inserting Ilities By Controlling Communications

COLUMN: Inside risks

Uncommon Criteria