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COLUMN: The profession of IT

Network Laws

Many networks, physical and social, are complex and scale-invariant. This has important implications from the spread of epidemics and innovations to protection from attack.

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COLUMN: Practical programmer

Is This a Revolutionary Idea, or Not?

Assembling the individual pieces to form an integrated component architecture.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Globalization and the American It Worker

Exporting IT jobs and importing IT workers not only harms U.S. IT workers, it also harms U.S. firms and the broader economy.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Bioinformatics: transforming biomedical research and medical care


Bioinformatics and computational biology will enable breakthroughs in basic biological research and improvements in the prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases.

Computational Biology and High-Performance Computing

Understanding evolution and the basic structure and function of proteins are two grand challenge problems in biology that can be solved only through the use of high-performance computing.

Petaflops Computing

PetaFLOPS computers---capable of performing a thousand trillion mathematical operations per second, 25 times faster than the largest supercomputers today---will open new doors to understanding the functions of biological molecules …

The Seed: a Peer-to-Peer Environment For Genome Annotation

This open source toolkit will help scientists interpret the vast body of genomic data now publicly available.

The Emerging Role of Biogrids

Four biomedically oriented grid systems, ranging from SARS diagnosis to arthropod evolution, demonstrate the promise of grid computing in medical practice and biological science.

Beyond Power: Making Bioinformatics Tools User-Centered

User-centered design techniques can broaden the appeal, use, and effectiveness of Web-based bioinformatics tools.

Biomedical Computing and Visualization Software Environments

Problem-solving environments and advanced visualization take on the complexity of biomedical computing, improving its utility to scientists and clinicians alike.

The One-Minute Risk Assessment Tool

An analysis of risks in software development, using data from senior IT managers, produced surprising results. Our one-minute assessment tool applies those results to assessing the risks of specific projects.

What Leads to -ser Acceptance of Digital Libraries?

While millions of dollars have been spent building digital libraries, research indicates that millions of potential users may still be ignoring them.

Adopting Ontology to Facilitate Knowledge Sharing

Ontology-enabled knowledge management experiences derived from a domain ontology development project at Intel Corporation are described and assessed.

Visualization Strategies and Tools For Enhancing Customer Relationship Management

Web sites that make it too cumbersome for customers to search and purchase products online will never enjoy a competitive edge. Fortunately, there are many visualization tools and techniques available that may be just what the …

Remote Repair, Diagnostics, and Maintenance

An overview and comparison of the U.S., Japanese, and German machine tool industries.

What Americans Like About Being Online

A study of AOL users finds they are particularly gratified using the Net as a source of information, communication, and socializing---results that may be helpful to ISPs in their efforts to attract and retain users.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Nanoscience Fact Versus Fiction

With all the excitement over the potential of nanotechnology, has any research addressed the potential toxicity nanoparticles may have on our health and environment?
COLUMN: Inside risks

Evaluation of Voting Systems