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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

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COLUMN: Legally speaking

What's at Stake in mgm v. Grokster?

Seeking to balance the needs of copyright holders and technology developers.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Privacy in the Global E-Village

Embed responsibility for privacy into radio-frequency identification tags and other information technology designed to network the physical world.
COLUMN: Practical programmer

A Look at the Economics of Open Source

Is open source the future of the software field or a passing fad?
SPECIAL ISSUE: Information cities


With so many of us infohabitants living and working on the Internet, we've now established urban centers there, with dwellings, commerce, social and civic services, government institutions, and lots of social interaction.

Making Information Cities Livable

Let the most rewarding aspects of our virtual experience and online social interaction also guide participation in our real-world physical communities.

Blending Digital and Physical Spaces For Ubiquitous Community Participation

Blurring the notional boundary between the digital and the physical in social activity spaces helps blend---and motivate---online and face-to-face community participation.

Open Frameworks For Information Cities

Helping mimic full-scale urban environments, this middleware promises to help build a vast ecosystem of e-commerce, collaboration, and social computing, along with access to real-world municipal regulations and services.

What Makes a Web Site Popular?

To ensure a constant increase in user interest, clicks, recommendations, loyalty, and market share, first understand the information flows and connection networks surrounding each Web site in cyberspace.

Telling Humans and Computers Apart Automatically

How lazy cryptographers do AI.

Puzzles in Software Development Contracting

Current outsourcing practices are relatively unsophisticated in comparison with the techniques prescribed by economic theory. Customers end up bearing all long-term risk, and vendors have no direct incentive to achieve long-term …

How Clean Is the Future of Soap?

If developers are not wise with its application, SOAP may lose the ability to tunnel through firewalls---an ability that represents one of its primary advantages.

A Helix-Spindle Model For Ontological Engineering

Using a forward-lockstep build-test process that combines theoretic and pragmatic approaches to ontology building.

The Software Customer/supplier Relationship

It's a delicate, dynamic relationship that changes with time, demands, and different approaches to procurement.

Assessing Data Quality with Control Matrices

The control matrix, long used by IS auditors to evaluate information integrity, can be modified to assess the reliability of information products.

Technology Implementation For Telemedicine Programs

Lessons learned in Hong Kong highlight important issues and common pitfalls in telemedicine technology implementation.

Interoperability Architecture Using Rm-Odp

RM-ODP gives architects the level of detail necessary to address key integration and interoperability issues.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

How to Quickly Find Articles in the Top Is Journals

Informed searches begin by determining which indexes to use.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Outsourced and out of Control