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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track



COLUMN: Security watch

Superscaled Security

Exponential increases in computational speed, memory capacity, and bandwidth impose futuristic security demands and challenges.

ACM Fellows

COLUMN: The business of software

Beware of Counting Loc

Seeking a better method for estimating system size in an attempt to measure knowledge content.
COLUMN: Technology strategy and management

Who Is Liable For Bugs and Security Flaws in Software?

Attempting to determine fault and responsibility based on available evidence.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

How Computer Games Affect CS (and Other) Students' School Performance

Compulsive game playing, especially of the role-playing variety, risks failing grades and withdrawal of financial support from tuition-paying parents.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Emerging technologies for homeland security


Countering Terrorism Through Information Technology

Developing the information-analysis tools for an effective multi-agency information-sharing effort.

Graph-Based Technologies For Intelligence Analysis

Enhancing traditional algorithmic techniques for improved pattern analysis.

Proactive Information Gathering For Homeland Security Teams

Supporting counterterrorism analysts with software agents that dynamically anticipate their information requirements.

Cyber Defense: Art to Science

Seeking the knowledge and means to more methodically detect, defend against, and better understand attacks on networked computer resources.

Cyber Defense Technology Networking and Evaluation

Creating an experimental infrastructure for developing next-generation information security technologies.

Mobility and the First Responder

Supporting secure wireless access to databases via public telecommunications infrastructure.

Rescue Robotics For Homeland Security

Applying hard-earned lessons to improve human-robot interaction and information gathering.

Automatically Detecting Deceptive Criminal Identities

The criminal mind is no match for some of the latest technology designed to determine fact from fiction in suspect identities.

Questioning Lawful Access to Traffic Data

The path to technology-neutral policy is fraught with danger as more legislation is updated to deal with new communications infrastructures.

Toward an Integrated Framework For Modeling Enterprise Processes

Enterprise process modeling is the most important element in the design of next-generation ERP systems.

How to Manage Your Software Product Life Cycle with Maui

MAUI monitors multiple software engineering metrics and milestones to analyze a software product's development life cycle in real time.

The Role of Personality in Web-Based Distance Education Courses

Before investing in a Web-based education program, managers should consider how effective it will be when paired with employee personality traits.

What Causes Stress in Information System Professionals?

Job stress can lead to burnout and turnover, costing IT organizations countless dollars in replacement costs, and making methods for measuring and minimizing stress a business benefit.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Risks of Monoculture