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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

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COLUMN: The business of software

Real Work, Necessary Friction, Optional Chaos

Challenges in estimating software scope by effort.
COLUMN: Legally speaking

Why Reform the U.S. Patent System?

Considering three important reforms to improve the current system.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

The Spinning Cube of Potential Doom

Practically every computer linked to the Internet is constantly being scanned for security vulnerabilities and targeted for attack by viruses, worms, and worse.

Growing a Participatory Programming Environment

A leading pharmaceutical company discovers how programming issues are resolved more effectively when a team approach is employed.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Wireless sensor networks


Thousands of tiny low-power devices spread over large physical spaces collaboratively monitor the environment, guide vehicles, and predict potential faults in buildings, bridges, roads, and rails.

Habitat Monitoring with Sensor Networks

These networks deliver to ecologists data on localized environmental conditions at the scale of individual organisms to help settle large-scale land-use issues affecting animals, plants, and people.

The Platforms Enabling Wireless Sensor Networks

All emphasize low-cost components operating on shoestring power budgets for years at a time in potentially hostile environments without hope of human intervention.

Networking Support For Query Processing in Sensor Networks

Networking and query processing must be co-designed to allow data self-organization for flexible but efficient in-network storage, access, and processing.

Security in Wireless Sensor Networks

They are susceptible to a variety of attacks, including node capture, physical tampering, and denial of service, while prompting a range of fundamental research challenges.

Should Spam Be on the Menu?

Email marketing is an excellent, low-cost way to reach consumers, but spammers are currently looting much of its potential. The challenge is to develop an email marketing process that is consensual, efficient, and constitutional …

How to Retain Online Customers

When there's a worldwide marketplace available at your customers' fingertips, maintaining a dedicated following is a tremendous challenge. A recent study of a leading bank's online services illustrates what it takes to keep novice …

Emerging Business Models For Mobile Brokerage Services

Business models designed specifically for the mobile arena are reshaping the industry. But each model has unique advantages and disadvantages---potential adopters should take care in choosing among them.

Who Should Work with Whom?: Building Effective Software Project Teams

Personality type analysis can help take the guesswork out of putting together a high-performance software project team.

A Paradigm Shift in Computing and It Education

Examining the changing organizational alignment in colleges of computer and information technology.

An Analysis of Research in Computing Disciplines

Comparing the topics and methods of the three major subdivisions of the computing realm.

Successful E-Government in Singapore

How did Singapore manage to get most of its public services deliverable online?
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Toward Universal Literacy: from Computer Science Upward

An appeal for more extensive expression and understanding.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Optimistic Optimization