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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

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COLUMN: The profession of IT

The Field of Programmers Myth

The persistent public image of computing as a field of programmers has become a costly myth. Reversing it is possible but not easy.
COLUMN: On site

Is Telemedicine the Panacea For Sub-Saharan Africa's Medical Nightmare?

"Ever since my eye swelled up, I've gone to church to pray for a cure...I always knew He would send a way to make me better---I just didn't know it was going to be from London," says Anna Mobutsu, a 23-year-old farm laborer,"But …
COLUMN: Security watch

The Hipaa-Potamus in Health Care Data Security

Regulations intended to improve health care data access have created new security risks along with headaches for patients and practitioners.
COLUMN: Technology strategy and management

More Lawyers Than Programmers?

Microsoft must alter its strategy to avoid an increasingly litigious future.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

What Global Sourcing Means For -U.S. IT Workers and For the U.S. Economy

The result is likely to be increased IT employment diffused throughout the U.S. economy, especially in non-tech industrial sectors.

Has the Internet Become Indispensable?

The Impact of Internet use on the Other Side of the Digital Divide

Exploring factors influencing the social impact of Internet use.

High-Tech Forensics

An Oregon police department successfully enlists tech-savvy citizens to serve as police reserve specialists.

Universities Marginalize Online Courses

Why should faculty members develop online courses if the effort may be detrimental to their promotion or tenure?

Demystifying Integration

This framework helps navigate the standards maze to develop a flexible applications infrastructure that advances an organization's strategic business needs.

Erp in China: One Package, Two Profiles

How and why the same software system implementation can produce fundamentally different results.

Why Western Vendors Don't Dominate China's Erp Market

Examining cases of failed ERP system implementation in China and explaining the unique circumstances.

Investor Perceptions of Traditional and Online Channels

How should financial service firms, online and off, adjust their customer-acquisition and -service strategies to reflect investors' changing expectations?

Representing Composites in Conceptual Modeling

Using an object or entity class to represent a composite provides straightforward answers, making this approach superior to the use of relationship classes or associations.

Improving the Quality of Business Object Models Using Collaboration Patterns

Project managers and systems analysts can tackle the challenges of representing system requirements using the object-oriented approach.

A Model For Evaluating It Security Investments

COLUMN: Inside risks

Insider Risks in Elections