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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track



COLUMN: The business of software

The Unconscious Art of Software Testing

The subtle psychology of testing.

Top 10 Downloads from Acm's Digital Library

COLUMN: Staying connected

Let Your Fingers Do the Talking

Biometrics is pointing its way into everyday applications. But figuring out how it fits into telecom and wireless services, never mind society, might just get downright touchy.
DEPARTMENT: President's letter

Minority-Minority and Minority-Majority Technology Transfer

Finding technology solutions to help those in need can often lead to welcomed answers for all if we look at the big picture.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Global Linguistic Diversity For the Internet

The Script Encoding Initiative wants to encode the world's unencoded scripts, making electronic text communication possible for millions of native speakers.

Creating a National K--12 Computer Science Community

ACM launches a new organization to help teachers, and ultimately students, to better appreciate the educational and professional opportunities inspired by the computing sciences.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Interaction design and children


Today's technologies are shaping the way children live, learn, and play. Technologies can provide a wealth of meaningful new experiences and support children's exploration of their neighborhoods, other cultures, and even the …

The Challenges of Idc: What Have We Learned from Our Past?

A conversation with Seymour Papert, Marvin Minsky, and Alan Kay.

Working with Young Children as Technology Design Partners

A case study illustrates how even young children can contribute to the technology design process.

Children's Intuitive Gestures in Vision-Based Action Games

Novel computer vision-based game technologies aim to give players more immersive and physically challenging gaming experiences.

The Material Side of Educational Technology

Materials science presents an amazing array of unique substances offering a rich, and challenging, dimension to future educational tools and technologies.

Ubi-Learning Integrates Indoor and Outdoor Experiences

Digital augmentation dissolves many of the physical barriers to learning by offering tools to integrate data and discoveries that travel with students as they explore new terrain.

Story Creation in Virtual Game Worlds

Allowing young people to create computer games they will ultimately want to play not only offers key educational benefits but builds self-esteem and teamwork skills.

Evaluating End-User Training Programs

With some planning and coordination, organizations can implement an evaluation scheme to get the most out of their computer skills training programs.

-sability Engineering Methods For Software Developers

The human-computer interaction community aims to increase the awareness and acceptance of established methods among software practitioners. Indeed, awareness of the basic usability methods will drive an Information Society for …

-sing Asset Specificity and Asset Scope to Measure the Value of It

A technique for quantifying the contribution of IT to a firm's value and performance makes it possible to compare the value of IT in different firms and industries.

Locality in a Web of Streams

Identifying a framework for addressing the challenges inherent in the complexity of contemporary Web architecture.

A Framework For Evaluating Third-Party Logistics

3PL providers with advanced IT are expected to lower logistics costs and integrate the supply chain with increased productivity and growth. Here, a set of criteria for choosing the most suitable provider.

Timeliness of Investor Relations Data at Corporate Web Sites

Online data for investors is often stale, even when of high quality. How can this situation be improved?

Using the Dea Methodology to Rank Software Technical Efficiency

The use of Data Envelopment Analysis to evaluate software efficiency offers a more formal and effective option.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Assessing the Value of Is Journals

Using journal citation reports to determine the influence and impact of a variety of journals publishing IS research.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Not Teaching Viruses and Worms Is Harmful