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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

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News Track



COLUMN: The profession of IT

Recentering Computer Science

The recent decreases of enrollment in computer science programs signal a chasm between our historical emphasis on programming and the contemporary concerns of those choosing careers.
COLUMN: Practical programmer

The Plot to Deskill Software Engineering

Do software engineering milestones represent creativity-enhancing or creativity-stifling developments?

Top 10 Downloads from ACM's Digital Library

COLUMN: Viewpoint

Crisis and Opportunity in Computer Science

The future of the field depends on winning back student enrollment, public interest in technology, and government research funding.
COLUMN: President's letter

Rescuing Our Families, Our Neighbors, and Ourselves

Should computer scientists and engineers take on a greater responsibility to help reduce the loss of life and property damage from natural disasters?

It's Time to Think Outside the Computational Box

Systems that don't announce when they've reached their final results can `compute' the uncomputable, possibly allowing them to understand their users and generate their own programs from examples.

Mobile Cookies Management on a Smart Card

With CookiesCard, cookies are stored on users' smart cards, coupling cookies to users, not to their machines.

Call For a Public-Domain Speechweb

All that's missing is innovative use of existing technology and the encouragement of public participation.

Detection and Prevention of Stack Buffer Overflow Attacks

How to mitigate remote attacks that exploit buffer overflow vulnerabilities on the stack and enable attackers to take control of the program.

Rule of Law and the International Diffusion of E-Commerce

Strong institutional environments serve as a foundation for e-commerce growth opportunities.

Business Email: The Killer Impact

Workplace email is quickly evolving to keep up with those who use it---and perhaps to make way for the next killer app.

Assessing the Relative Influence of Journals in a Citation Network

Some journals are perceived as sources of knowledge; others serve as storers of knowledge. Learning the strengths and persuasions of journals is of value to academia, scholars, and publishers.

Maintaining Enterprise Software Applications

The problem of maintaining integrated applications is by no means a simple one and requires an interdisciplinary approach.

An Architecture For Distributed Scenario Building and Evaluation

A Web portal can support collaborative learning and help individuals and organizations plan for an uncertain future.

-sing Web-Based Search Data to Predict Macroeconomic Statistics

Tracking common search terms used on the Web can produce accurate, useful statistics about the unemployment rate. We hope to extend this approach to other economic statistics.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Software Process Improvement: It's a Journey, Not a Destination

Realizing the benefits of continuous software process improvement.
COLUMN: Inside risks

The Real National-Security Needs For VoIP