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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

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News Track



COLUMN: Digital village

The Two Sides of Roi: Return on Investment vs. Risk of Incarceration

Legislative mandates potentially replace CIO's primary concerns of technology risk management with the possibility of serving jail time.
DEPARTMENT: President's letter

The State of Funding For New Initiatives in Computer Science and Engineering

The intellectual opportunities are huge, the social benefits transforming, yet redesigning a workable funding model for CS&E research will require our collective imagination and collaboration between many IT sectors.
COLUMN: The profession of IT

Is Computer Science Science?

Computer science meets every criterion for being a science, but it has a self-inflicted credibility problem.

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COLUMN: Viewpoint

A New Technonationalism?: China and the Development of Technical Standards

Chinese technology executives, government officials, and members of its research community are debating how far to push the country's strategy for promoting technology standards at home and abroad.

Spam, Spim, and Spit

Abolishing spam, and its morphing forms, will take more than public protest and current filtering and legislative quick fixes.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Transforming China


In the 19th century, Napoleon Bonaparte predicted "When China awakens, it will astonish the world." China's recent stirring from its centuries-old slumber has far-reaching implications for international business and politics, …

Diffusion, Use, and Effect of the Internet in China

China has embraced the Internet. As of December 2004, 94 million people had gone online, making China the second largest Internet-user market in the world, behind only the U.S., according to the China Internet Network Information …

Internet Diffusion in Chinese Companies

The Internet is increasingly indispensable to national economies worldwide. Here, we focus on the Internet diffusion process in Chinese businesses and its link to the general growth of IT spending throughout the Chinese economy …

The Internet Enlightens and Empowers Chinese Society

Charles Zhang is founder, chairman, and chief executive of, a company incorporated in the U.S. state of Delaware with headquarters in Beijing. In 2004, Sohu took in more than $100 million (U.S.) in revenue by providing …

The E-Transformation of Western China

Western China is a vast area of just over four million square kilometers traditionally associated with the historic Silk Road connecting traders, manufacturers, and consumers in Europe and Asia. But for the past few hundred years …

It Is Not For Everyone in China

A 2004 report by consulting firm Gartner Dataquest forecasts that the worldwide market for IT services will top $762.3 billion in 2008, up from $608.1 billion in 2004. The Asia-Pacific region's compound annual growth rate of …

Knowledge Management in China

China's high-priority effort to become a more knowledge-based economy and society means that knowledge management (KM) is increasingly important. For example, the timely transfer and use of business knowledge can provide a competitive …

Computer-Related Technostress in China

Technostress has been defined as any negative effect on human attitudes, thoughts, behavior, and psychology that directly or indirectly results from technology [8]. With the recent widespread application of IT and the Internet …

Surviving It Project Cancellations

In a Forbes cover story, an investment banker expressed a preference for hiring former athletes, not because they are competitive, but "because they recycle so quickly after things go wrong" [12]. Their ability to quickly get …

Self-Plagiarism in Computer Science

We are all too aware of the ravages of misconduct in the academic community. Students submit assignments inherited from their friends, online papermills provide term papers on popular topics, and occasionally researchers are …

Performance Benefits Through Integration Hubs

Some recent integration hubs provide configurations that facilitate optimization beyond the buyer-supplier dyad provided by traditional point-to-point integration. We argue that coordination so far has been preliminary dyadic …

Privacy in E-Commerce: Stated Preferences vs. Actual Behavior

In times of ubiquitous electronic communication and increasing industry pressure for standard electronic authentication, the maintenance of privacy, or "the right to be left alone" becomes a subject of increasing concern. The …

Integrated Modeling: the Key to Holistic Understanding of the Enterprise

Current business modeling methods are one-dimensional. Here, an integrated modeling approach helps decision makers study the enterprise as a whole from multiple perspectives.

A P2p Genetic Algorithm Environment For the Internet

Effectively utilizing distributed computational resources while hiding the complexity of the network programming.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Semantic Grid: Scientific Issues, Infrastructure, and Methodology

Creating a new interconnection environment incorporating the Internet, sensor networks, mobile devices, and the interconnection semantics.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Two-Factor Authentication: Too Little, Too Late