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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track



COLUMN: The business of software

Sarbanes-Oxley and Software Projects

"If we managed finances in companies the way we manage software…somebody would go to prison."---Introduction to a workshop on configuration management conducted by Corvus International in 1996

Top 10 Downloads from Acm's Digital Library

COLUMN: Legally speaking

The Supreme Court Revisits the sony Safe Harbor

What will the Supreme Court do in MGM v. Grokster? How will this decision affect you?
DEPARTMENT: President's letter

Do You queue?

Created for computing professionals, Queue is an innovative, successful magazine available free to ACM members. If you are a professional and don't subscribe, what are you waiting for?
COLUMN: Viewpoint

-pdating Computer Science Education

Prepare tomorrow's practitioners to tap the growing volume of Web-available data and complex programs they cannot possibly redevelop from scratch.
SPECIAL ISSUE: 3d hard copy


The growing interest among the graphics, vision, and manufacturing communities in transmitting 3D computer-aided design (CAD) image files directly to inexpensive fabrication machines promises on-demand physical prototype consumer …

Rapid Prototyping in Consumer Product Design

Why are only certain consumer products the hot gifts to give and to get each holiday season? Last year the digital camera and the iPod portable music player (and its MP3 clones) were perhaps the leading contenders. One part of …

Layered Manufacturing For Scientific Visualization

From the moment we're born, we learn to use and depend on our sense of touch to gain knowledge and understanding of the world around us. Today, it can also be exploited to understand scientific data. Rapid prototyping, or layered …

Layered Manufacturing Technologies

From the holodeck in "Star Trek" to the slice-by-slice reconstruction of the alien Leeloo played by actress Milla Jovovich in the movie The Fifth Element, science fiction has long predicted the possibility of automated one-off …

Shape-Based Retrieval and Analysis of 3D Models

The number of 3D geometric models available in online repositories is growing dramatically. Examples include: the Protein Data Bank [1], which stores the 3D atomic coordinates for 29,000 protein molecules; the National Design …

Rapid Prototyping: a 3D Visualization Tool Takes on Sculpture and Mathematical Forms

Many technical and scientific objects are far too complex to be properly understood through pictures. 3D representations that can be touched and physically manipulated by the observer convey information not obtainable from 2D …

Protecting 3D Graphics Content

The digital rights management problem of protecting data from theft and misuse has been addressed for many information types, including software code, digital images, and audio files. Few technological solutions are designedDavid …

Creating Successful Entrepreneurial Ventures in It

Four critical success factors are evaluated and applied.

It Professionals as Organizational Citizens

Are managers discouraging IT professionals from exhibiting behaviors the organization desperately needs?

An Incentive System For Reducing Malware Attacks

Providing hackers an environment---other than the Net---to test and exhibit theirmalware talents has its rewards.

Criminal Network Analysis and Visualization

A new generation of data mining tools and applications work to unearth hidden patterns in large volumes of crime data.

Agents in E-Supply Chains

Realizing the potential of intelligent infomediary-based e-marketplaces.

Knowledge Management Mechanisms of Financial Service Sites

How can we effectively acquire, use, and manage knowledge via the Web?

The Bible and Multilingual Optical Character Recognition

The Bible---an unlikely resource for language technology research---proves ideal for evaluating OCR techniques.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

The Can-Spam Act: a Silver Bullet Solution?

Several recommendations for improving the effectiveness of anti-spam legislation are presented.
COLUMN: Inside risks

What Lessons Are We Teaching?