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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

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COLUMN: Practical programmer

'Silver Bullet' Milestones in Software History

In this second installment of a three-part series, the succession of interconnected creative milestones is traced.

Top 10 Downloads from ACM's Digital Library

COLUMN: Digital village

WiFi Attack Vectors

The security risks of WiFi connectivity have been established---the reasons for these risks of intrusion are not as well understood.
DEPARTMENT: President's letter

Does ACM Support Matter to Conferences or Journals?

ACM is one of many organizations that sponsors IT conferences and journals. So, why use ACM?
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Is the Thrill Gone?

Computer science is nothing less than a new way of thinking; explaining it to the wider world is critical to the future of the field.


Anyone who has ever dealt with spyware knows the irritation of lost bandwidth, the frustration of commandeered machine processor cycles, the innumerable pop-up ads and spam trails that result from an infestation. It is indeed …

Spyware Was Inevitable

That which begins as minor nuisances and curiosities enabled by the subversion of new technological capabilities has always evolved into invasive problems once someone has found a way to profit from their application.

Why Spyware Poses Multiple Threats to Security

Spyware is becoming a relentless onslaught from those seeking to capture and use private information for their own ends. Spyware is annoying and negatively impacts the computing experience. Even worse, there are real and significant …

What Do Consumers Really Know About Spyware?

Technology has revolutionized information collection and distribution to the point where marketers have expanded and implemented new technologies to enable efficient consumer information acquisition. Such sophisticated data collection …

Why Do People Hate Spyware?

Few people or corporations believe spyware is beneficial to the computing experience, but this issue has not been well studied [6]. This assertion is based on the trade press and countless Internet sites providing numerous articles …

The Deceptive Behaviors that Offend US Most About Spyware

Before effective legislation against spyware can be drawn, lawmakers and vendors must understand what users find most deceptive and offensive about this stealth software.

Is Spyware an Internet Nuisance or Public Menace?

Recent media attention to spyware [2, 5, 7, 8] has brought to light the blunt intrusion into individual privacy and the uncertain hidden cost of free access to Internet sites, along with freeware and shareware. Most spyware programs …

Spyware: A Little Knowledge Is a Wonderful Thing

With the increased dependence on networks and the near ubiquitous availability of the Internet, there is a new paradigm in place for the proliferation of spyware, viruses, and other malware. In fact, much attention has been given …

Investigating Factors Affecting the Adoption of Anti-Spyware Systems

Spyware is the latest epidemic security threat for Internet users. There are various types of spyware programs (see Table 1) creating serious problems such as copying and sending personal information, consuming CPU power, reducing …

A Framework For Spyware Assessment

One of the most challenging problems confronting the IT community is responding to the threat of spyware. Recent research, legislative actions, and policy changes have been hastened to counter spyware's threat to the privacy …

Web Browsing and Spyware Intrusion

Spyware poses serious privacy and security issues to users of e-commerce and m-commerce [3, 5, 8]. Microsoft claims that half of all computer crashes reported by its customers were caused by spyware and its equivalents. Spyware …

Busting the Ghost in the Machine

This article describes an attempt to infect two new Dell WindowsXP-SP2 PCs (named Grease and Grime) with spyware and examines the results of the spyware infections. Each PC carried Symantec Antivirus, Spyware Doctor …

Spyware: A View from the (Online) Street

There are indications of late that the use of anti-spyware software is on the rise, with more than 100 million Internet users downloading Lavasoft's free anti-spyware software [2]. Some big-name companies are also beginning to …

Auto-ID: Managing Anything, Anywhere, Anytime in the Supply Chain

Tagging every item in a supply chain promises to help send the right product to the right destination at the right time, reducing the cost of operations and transportation and minimizing distribution lead times.

Competitor Analysis and its Defenses in the E-Marketplace

A firm's presence on the Internet opens a valuable channel for its competitors to collect and analyze its business information---to the firm's competitive disadvantage---unless it devises a defensive strategy.

Emerging Information Technologies: Developing a Timely IT Strategy

A model for quickly sifting through emerging technologies to find the best organizational fit.

Software as Art

Encouraging a greater appreciation of the interplay between software and fine art.

Sharing Research in the 21st Century: Borrowing a Page from Open Source Software

Why the Software Industry Needs a Good Ghostbuster

Certification based on a generally accepted body of knowledge is needed for clients, as well as the general public, to trust software professionals and their work.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

How -niversity Professors Teach Project Management For Information Systems

Determining where project management education fits into the overall curriculum.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Disability-Related Risks