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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

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News Track



COLUMN: Digital village

Credit Card Forensics

Decoding the magnetic attraction of criminals to swiping.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Powerpoint at 20: Back to Basics

Let simplicity inspire, and resist the lure of unreadable fonts, stock clip art, sound effects, and flying bullet points.

Creativity Support Tools: Accelerating Discovery and Innovation

How can designers of programming interfaces, interactive tools, and rich social environments enable more people to be more creative more often?

Are Your Citations Clean?

If they are, only one can refer to a distinct document; if not, many can refer to the same document.

Nominees For Elections and Report of the ACM Nominating Committee

Trespass, Nuisance, and Spam: 11th Century Common Law Meets the Internet

Even in the instantaneous world of cyberspace, common law still provides a protective shield over many Internet problems.

Multidisciplinary Research on the Datapath of the Computing Disciplines

Social cognitive career theory helps determine why minorities and women are still so underrepresented in the computing disciplines in colleges and universities.

Moving Beyond User Participation to Achieve Successful IS Design

A call for user engagement cannot be scheduled at a specific point in the software development process. Valuable user input comes in waves throughout the project and developers would do best to listen and learn.

Standards Development and Diffusion: A Case Study of RosettaNet

The RosettaNet consortium aligns its diffusion strategies with its development processes while adapting them to the local conditions in the home countries of its member organizations.

Implementing Component Reuse Strategy in Complex Products Environments

Tensions grow---and often so do costs---when operating procedures change. This corporate study illustrates how friction between engineers and management can be eased by introducing complementary initiatives.

Tracing Variations in Software Product Families

When one size doesn't fit all, what type of knowledge best helps manage variability in product family engineering?

Self-Organization in Manufacturing Operations

Giving workpieces an active role in searching for processing steps by available machines in a manufacturing system.

Fix IT-Business Relationships Through Better Decision Rights

"The perils of screwing up (with technology) are greater every year, making the stakes for effective communication even higher." --Stan Lepeak, VP of technology research services at MetaGroup.

Competing with IT: The Role of Shared IT-Business Understanding

Studying why some firms derive more competitive advantage and value than others using IT resources.

Top 10 Downloads from ACM's Digital Library

COLUMN: Technical opinion

Counting the Cost of Virtual Teams

Studying the performance, satisfaction, and group dynamics of virtual and face-to-face teams.

Training Future Software Developers to Acquire Agile Development Skills

Giving students experience developing and delivering large-scale systems under time constraints and shifting deadlines.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Internal Surveillance, External Risks