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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track

DEPARTMENT: ACM A.M. Turing Award nominations solicited

ACM A.M. Turing Award Nominations Solicited

COLUMN: The business of software

Mortality Play

The cost of risk on software projects.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Fixing Federal E-Voting Standards

Without a threat model and a system model, voting standards cannot ensure the integrity or accuracy of the voting process.
DEPARTMENT: SIGs announce candidates for election

SIGs Announce Candidates For Election


ACM Fellows

SPECIAL SECTION: Emergency response information systems: emerging trends and technologies


Human-Computer Interaction: The Human and Computer as a Team in Emergency Management Information Systems

Building the computer as part of the emergency management team ensures that people continue to do the things they do well, supported by the technology, not driven by it.

Decision Support Systems

Agent-Based Systems For Disaster Management

Collaborative Adhocracies and Mix-and-Match Technologies in Emergency Management

Using the emergent interoperability approach to address unanticipated contingencies during emergency response.

Communication Challenges in Emergency Response

Online Forums Supporting Grassroots Participation in Emergency Preparedness and Response

"When danger arises, the rule in normal situations is for people to help those next to them before they help themselves."

Public Warning in the Networked Age: Open Standards to the Rescue?

Open Source Software For Disaster Management

Evaluating how the Sahana disaster information system coordinates disparate institutional and technical resources in the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Technology Leaders

What do CEOs expect from technology? What do they expect from their technology leaders? How should technology leaders "brand" themselves? Today'stechnology leaders would do best to learn the specific leadership skills required …

Time-Critical Information Services

Emergency medical services have never been more ready for the implementation of time-critical interorganizational information services for the public good.

Theoretical Reflections on Agile Development Methodologies

The traditional goal of optimization and control is making way for learning and innovation.

The Effects of Online Advertising

Consumers' first impressions (and loyalties) are made in the opening moments of a Web site visit and the degree to which that visit may be intruded by pop-ups, pop-unders, and banner ads.

Envisioning Intelligent Information Technologies Through the Prism of Web Intelligence

Users and businesses alike get to turn their raw data into new science, technology, and money.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Implications For Large-Scale IT Outsourcing

Until they are certain that outsourcing IT management is the best possible option, firms would do well to maintain and invest in their own in-house IT assets.

Top 10 Downloads from ACM's Digital Library

COLUMN: Technical opinion

The (Un)Predictability of Computer Science Graduate School Admissions

Providing a general calculator for students to compare where they are likely to get accepted for graduate school.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Risks of Risk-Based Security