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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers


Stop Chasing the AI Illusion

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track

COLUMN: Digital village

Hiding Data, Forensics, and Anti-Forensics

Delving into the digital warrens for concealing data.
COLUMN: The profession of IT

Mastering the Mess

We frequently find ourselves immersed in intransigent situations whose resolution demands a disruptive innovation. There are useful strategies for these situations.
DEPARTMENT: ACM honors distinguished members

ACM Honors Distinguished Members

DEPARTMENT: Call for nominations for advanced member grades in ACM

Call For Nominations For Advanced Member Grades in ACM

Proposal to Dissolve SIGAPL

The SGB EC brought forward a motion to dissolve SIGAPL, the Special Interest Group on the APL and J Languages based on an insufficient level of activity. The SGB EC recommends that SIGAPL's resources be used to provide up to …
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Flow in Games (and Everything Else)

A well-designed game transports its players to their personal Flow Zones, delivering genuine feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Is Abstraction the Key to Computing?

Why is it that some software engineers and computer scientists are able to produce clear, elegant designs and programs, while others cannot? Is it possible to improve these skills through education and training? Critical to these …

How to Avoid Disappointment By Design

Avoid market failure by aligning system performance with stakeholder expectations.

Consumer Support Systems

The interaction between businesses and their customers is ripe for the next leap, and it will require a collection of technologies to build new organizational structures such as demand chains, task-based intermediaries, and consumer …

Designing Data-Intensive Web Applications For Content Accessibility Using Web Marts

Developing technology to increase the accessibility of Web sites.

Analysis of Active Intrusion Prevention Data For Predicting Hostile Activity in Computer Networks

Using a generic and reliable model to anticipate future attack scenarios.

Managing Risk in Offshore Systems Development

The benefit of low-cost labor must be weighed against the risk of missed deadlines, dissatisfied users, and failure to reduce development costs.

Inconsistencies and Disconnects

The gap between the perception and reality of the technology skills of first-year college students raises questions about the role of state curriculum standards.

Investigating Value-Based Decision Bias and Mediation: Do You Do as You Think?

Individual perspectives reflect one's innate value structure and have direct bearing on how one examines problems, classifies information, and makes decisions. The results of this study indicate that when an information system …

What Are People Searching on Government Web Sites?

A study of search activity on the Web site.

Top 10 Downloads from ACM's Digital Library

COLUMN: Technical opinion

Does Telecommuting Improve Productivity?

Seeking solid evidence of demonstrable productivity gains.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Risks of Virtual Professionalism