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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers



DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track

COLUMN: Legally speaking

Software Patents and the Metaphysics of Section 271(f)

Can shipment of one disk of software abroad give rise to worldwide liability for patent infringement? Is the Supreme Court ready to revisit the patentability of software?
COLUMN: The business of software

Twenty Percent

Planning to fail on software projects.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Web Science: A Provocative Invitation to Computer Science

Here's how it can awaken computer science to the interdisciplinary possibilities of the Web's socially embedded computing technology.

Smart Business Networks: How the Network Wins

Realizing scenarios in which business is conducted through a rapidly formed network with anyone, anywhere, anytime regardless of different computer systems and business processes.

Evolution and Emerging Issues in Mobile Wireless Networks

Assessing the widespread deployment and increasing use of mobile services.

DNSSEC: A Protocol Toward Securing the Internet Infrastructure

DNSSEC is properly understood as a component in an ecology of security protocols and measures.

The Four Incremental Steps Toward Advanced Mobile Service Adoption

Exploring mobile device user adoption patterns and market segmentation.

Cutting Checks: Challenges and Choices in B2B E-Payments

Open network e-payment systems are the future of corporate payments, assuming they address the challenges of integration, security, and remittance standards.

An Empirical Investigation of the Effectiveness of Systems Modeling and Verification Tools

One reason system failure rates are not deterred by the latest best practices and tools may lie in how needs are (mis)interpreted by designers and users.

Time to Rethink Health Care and ICT?

Success for a new U.K. national health care system depends on clinical context and scale, along with the capacity to emphasize interpersonal communication.

Design Patterns For Managing Product Life Cycle Information

Agent-based architectures, taking queues from object-oriented programming, can make product information accessible in controlled ways over the Net.

Automatic and Versatile Publications Ranking For Research Institutions and Scholars

Assessing both academic and industrial research institutions, along with their scholars, can help identify the best organizations and individuals in a given discipline. Assessment can reveal outstanding institutions and scholars …

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COLUMN: Technical opinion

Perceived Health Risks of 3G Cell Phones: Do Users Care?

Studying the perception of health risks associated with mobile phones and the implications for usage.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Risks Are Your Responsibility