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Communications Site to Launch in January

Communications Web Editor David Roman

The redesigned Communications Web site, slated to launch in January, will post material from this magazine, as well as from other ACM publications, including Computers in Entertainment ( Look for video interviews with and written articles by noted researchers, academics, animators, game developers, film producers, and performance artists in the entertainment field to be part of the new Communications site.

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Your Favorite Blog(s)

Dozens of blogs will be mined for the new Communications Web site. We welcome your input and invite you to share your personal favorite(s). There are a few rules: The blog(s) must be interesting, valuable, and written or managed by an ACM member. For details, go to

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Video Tour

A new online video demonstrates how to navigate Communications' Digital Edition, a digital counterpart to the monthly magazine. Included are how the current issue can be searched, shared, and saved and how its settings can be personalized. The Digital Edition, which is emailed to all ACM members, is available at; the video is at

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Queue, Too

Communications isn't the only ACM magazine redesigning its Web site. Look for ACM Queue to introduce a new site in the weeks ahead at

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