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Communications of the ACM

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Apple Builds Great Platforms, Too, Not Just Products


Previewing the New CACM Web Site

Readers use Communications' content—print and digital—in different ways. These habits have significantly impacted the design of the soon-to-be-launched Communications Web site.

Living Machines

Researchers of molecular computing and communication are focusing on the type of breakthroughs needed to make the vision of ultrasmall, biocompatible computers a reality.

Touching the Future

In combination with finger and hand gestures, multitouch input is enabling users to manipulate and display information in innovative and unprecedented ways.

Upwardly Mobile

Mobile phones are bridging the digital divide and transforming many economic, social, and medical realities, particularly in developing nations.

Making a Difference

The Grace Hopper Celebration featured technical talks, workshops, networking events, and lively discussions about increasing the number of women in computer science.
COLUMN: Viewpoints

Emerging Markets: Labor Supply in the Indian IT Industry

Exploring the evolving dynamics and interconnectedness of India's educational system and its IT work force.

Advising Policymakers Is More Than Just Providing Advice

What are the factors that make certain advisory committee reports successful while others are not?

Kode Vicious: Permanence and Change

Highlighting the importance of doing one's best in view of code longevity and the impermanence of the changineer.

Time to Take Evolutionary Development Off the Shelf

Large systems projects are failing at an alarming rate. It's time to take evolutionary design methods off the shelf.

Database Dialogue with Pat Selinger

Relational database pioneer Patricia G. Selinger explores the vast realm of database technology and trends in a wide-ranging discussion with Microsoft's James Hamilton.
SECTION: Practice

High-Performance Web Sites

Want to make your Web site fly? Focus on frontend performance.

CTO Virtualization Roundtable: Part II

When it comes to virtualization platforms, experts say focus first on the services to be delivered.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Got Data? A Guide to Data Preservation in the Information Age

Tools for surviving a data deluge to ensure your data will be there when you need it.

Ontologies and the Semantic Web

How ontologies provide the semantics, as explained here with the help of Harry Potter and his owl Hedwig.
SECTION: Review articles

Open Information Extraction from the Web

Targeted IE methods are transforming into open-ended techniques.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: One Size Fits All: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone

Beginning in the early to mid-1980s the relational model of data has dominated the DBMS landscape. Moreover, descendents of the early relational prototypes have become …

Breaking the Memory Wall in MonetDB

In this paper, we report how research around the MonetDB database system has led to a redesign of database architecture in order to take advantage of modern hardware, and in particular to avoid hitting the memory wall. 

Technical Perspective: Patching Program Errors

C programmers are are all too familiar with out-of-bounds memory errors. The paper here presents an intriguing technique for automatically isolating and correcting these errors …

Exterminator: Automatically Correcting Memory Errors with High Probability

Programs written in C and C++ are susceptible to memory errors, including buffer overflows and dangling pointers. We present Exterminator, a system that automatically corrects heap-based memory errors without programmer intervention …
COLUMN: Last byte

Puzzled: Solutions and Sources

Last month (November 2008, p. 112) we posed a trio of brain teasers concerning circular food shapes. Here, we offer some possible solutions. How did you do?

Future Tense: Pester Power

Future Tense, one of the revolving features on this page, presents stories from the intersection of computational science and technological speculation, their boundaries limited only by our ability to imagine what will and could …
SECTION: Virtual extension

Enhancing Business Performance via Vendor Managed Inventory Applications

A Framework of ICT Exploitation For E-Participation Initiatives

Evolving Innovations Through Design and Use

Two Approaches to an Information Security Laboratory

Opening Up to Agile Games Development

Worst Practices in Search Engine Optimization

From Genesis to Revelations: The Technology Diaspora

Technical Opinion: Bosses and Their E-Manners