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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track

COLUMN: The business of software

The Inaccurate Conception

Some thoughts on the accuracy of estimates.
COLUMN: Practical programmer

Managing For Innovation

People versus process? Watts Humphrey says it's people and process.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Just Say 'A Class Defines a Data Type'

When teaching computer programming to novices, forget "objects early," "objects later," and "back to basics."

ACM Fellows

Urban Sensing: Out of the Woods

Embedded networked sensing, having successfully shifted from the lab to the environment, is primed for a more contentious move to the city to where citizens will likely be the target of data collection. This transition will warrant …

Mobile Gaming

Tens of millions of users worldwide play games, as well as make phone calls, on their cell phones and other handheld devices.

Patterns, Symmetry, and Symmetry Breaking

Explaining software patterns by breaking the symmetry created by programming languages.

Costs and Benefits of XBRL Adoption: Early Evidence

Financial reporting via XBRL is a low-cost method for increasing transparency and compliance while potentially decreasing a firm's cost of capital.

The Contribution of Critical IS Research

Solving ongoing external problems may require looking inward first.

The Illusion of Security

A fictional scenario of daily life in a world networked with ambient intelligence illustrates the dark side of the technology and the need for appropriate safeguards.

Location-Based Services

Evaluating user perceptions of location-tracking and location-awareness services.

Promoting Personal Responsibility For Internet Safety

Online safety is everyone's responsibility---a concept much easier to preach than to practice.

Requirements Engineering in New Product Development

How effective are the socio-technical interactions in developing new products?

Peer-Based Computer-Supported Knowledge Refinement: An Empirical Investigation

Nonexpert peer-based knowledge refinement, it turns out, is just as helpful as expert-centric knowledge refinement for improving the quality of results.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Role of Word of Mouth in Online Store Loyalty

Comparing online store ratings with other e-store loyalty factors.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Wireless Sensor Networks and the Risks of Vigilance