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SPECIAL ISSUE: Organic user interfaces

Session details: Organic user interfaces

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COLUMN: Digital village

BRAP Forensics

Boutique computer activity mining vs. personal privacy management.
COLUMN: Practical programmer

Software Design and the Monkey's Brain

Attempting to capture the nature of software design.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Give Me Information, Not Technology

Don't confuse technology with business solutions, focusing instead on what users value most---information.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Organic user interfaces


The Tangible User Interface and its Evolution

Users sculpt and manipulate digital information throughsuch tangible media as clay, sand, and building models, coupled with underlying computation for design and analysis.

Organic Interaction Technologies: From Stone to Skin

Interaction with computers can make use of our whole physical and even emotional selves, as demonstrated by such emerging systems as HoloWall, SmartSkin, and PreSense.

Emerging Display Technologies For Organic User Interfaces

The display as a rigid, rectangular matrix is giving way to more fluid notions: thin, flexible, tactile surfaces customized to form and space.

Organic User Interfaces: Designing Computers in Any Way, Shape, or Form

Displays on real-world objects allow more realistic user interfaces.

Sustainability Implications of Organic User Interface Technologies: An Inky Problem

The moment you decide sustainability is an issue with respect to interaction design and the design of interactive devices is the moment you realize how complex the business of deciding what to actually do about it is.

Designing Kinetic Interactions For Organic User Interfaces

Considering the future of kinetic design in user interfaces.

What Makes an Interface Feel Organic?

Interactions with Proactive Architectural Spaces: the Muscle Projects

Developing structures as flexible networked information processors.

Dynamic Ferrofluid Sculpture: Organic Shape-Changing Art Forms

Information Accountability

With access control and encryption no longer capable of protecting privacy, laws and systems are needed that hold people accountable for the misuse of personal information, whether public or secret.

A Risk Profile of Offshore-Outsourced Development Projects

Even the best project management skills will not guarantee success in the complex world of offshore outsourcing.

Ubiquitous Access: On the Front Lines of Patient Care and Safety

UA initiatives help allay potentially fatal errors, improve patient safety, and boost overall quality of care.

Outsourcing and the Decrease of IS Program Enrollment

Students must learn to accentuate the positive in order to eliminate the negative perceptions of career opportunities in IS.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Risks of Neglecting Infrastructure