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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

DEPARTMENT: President's letter

ACM's Place in the Global Picture

ACM's new president intends to make international initiatives a top priority, hoping to share the Association's riches with a greater global audience.
DEPARTMENT: Publisher's corner

50 Years Young

I've received dozens of email messages providing feedback on the July issue.
DEPARTMENT: Letters to the editor

Knuth's Art of Recovering from Errors


Current Features


Finding Diamonds in the Rough

Spectral graph theory has proven to be very useful for text search and retrieval and for refining predictive-analysis systems.

Ubiquitous Video

Scalable and distributed video coding offers the promise of two-way, real-time video.

Privacy Matters

As concerns about protecting personal data increase, differential privacy offers a promising solution.

Wisdom from Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch, author of the best-selling The Last Lecture and a virtual-world innovator, on computer science, Alice, and teaching.
COLUMN: Viewpoints

Technology Strategy and Management: The Puzzle of Apple

Given Apple's unique characteristics, should it strive to be a platform or a product leader?

Kode Vicious: Pride and Prejudice (The Vasa)

Navigating the well-traveled course of communication failure that often leads to engineering disasters.

IT Policy: Science Policy Isn't Always About Science

What is the appropriate role and level of influence for science and technical advice in policy deliberations?

Viewpoint: Global Warming Toward Open Educational Resources

Seeking to realize the potential for significantly improving and advancing the world's standard of education.
SECTION: Practice

How Do I Model State?: Let Me Count the Ways

A study of the technology and sociology of Web service specifications.

Powering Down

Smart power management is all about doing more with the resources we have.

CTO Storage Roundtable, Part Two

Leaders in the storage industry ponder upcoming technologies and trends.

Software Engineering and Formal Methods

The answer to software reliability concerns may lie in formal methods.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Beyond Keywords: Automated Question Answering on the Web

Beyond Google, emerging question-answering systems respond to natural-language queries.

Design and Code Reviews in the Age of the Internet

New collaboration tools allow geographically distributed software-development teams to boost the venerable concept of code review.
COLUMN: Review articles

Information Integration in the Enterprise

A guide to the tools and core technologies for merging information from disparate sources.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: Transactional Memory in the Operating System

The long tradition of building ever-faster processors is ending, with the computer industry instead putting more processing "cores" on each processor chip. Therefore, to continue …

TxLinux and MetaTM: Transactional Memory and the Operating System

TxLinux is the first operating system to use hardware transactional memory (HTM) as a synchronization primitive, and the first to manage HTM in the scheduler. TxLinux, a modification of Linux, is the first real-scale benchmark …

Technical Perspective: Distributing Your Data and Having It, Too

Distributed Selection: A Missing Piece of Data Aggregation

In this article, we study the problem of distributed selection from a theoretical point of view. Given a general connected graph of diameter D consisting of n nodes in which each node holds a numeric element, the goal of a k-selection …
COLUMN: Last byte

Puzzled: Solutions and Sources

Last month (August 2008, p. 104) Peter Winkler posed a trio of brain teasers in his "Puzzled" column. Here, he offers some solutions. How well did you do?

Future Tense: Will

Expect virtual immortality through enduring, realistic avatars based on published work and archived memory.
SECTION: Virtual extension

Using and Fixing Biased Rating Schemes

Using Traceability to Mitigate Cognitive Biases in Software Development

Understanding User Perspectives on Biometric Technology

Following Linguistic Footprints: Automatic Deception Detection in Online Communication

Towards Agility in Design in Global Component-Based Development

The Student Productivity Paradox: Technology Mediated Learning in Schools

What Factors Drive the Assimilation of Internet Technologies in China?