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Communications of the ACM

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ACM Is Built on Volunteers' Shoulders

ACM President Alain Chesnais says the association is largely built on the energy and devotion of its many dedicated volunteers. View this dynamic visual representation of volunteers' involvement with the SIGGRAPH 2010 conference …
DEPARTMENT: Letters to the editor

How to Celebrate Codd's RDBMS Vision

While we were pleased Communications celebrated E.F. Codd's seminal article "A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks" (June 1970) in "Happy Birthday, RDBMS!" by Gary Anthes (May 2010), we were also dismayed by …

In Search of Database Consistency

Michael Stonebraker discusses the implications of the CAP theorem on database management system applications that span multiple processing sites.

The Mobile Road Ahead

ACM is planning to launch a mobile version of the Communications website and a series of mobile applications in the coming months. We have been directly and indirectly collecting …

Linear Logic

A novel approach to computational logic is reaching maturity, opening up opening up new vistas in programming languages, proof nets, and security applications.

Personal Fabrication

Open source 3D printers could herald the start of a new industrial revolution.

Should Code Be Released?

Software code can provide important insights into the results of research, but it's up to individual scientists whether their code is released---and many opt not to.
COLUMN: Historical reflections

Victorian Data Processing

The Victorian world was awash with data and with organizations that processed it; and they usually used nothing more technologically advanced than pen and paper.
COLUMN: Technology strategy and management

Platforms and Services: Understanding the Resurgence of Apple

Combining new consumer devices and Internet platforms with online services and content is proving to be a successful strategy.
COLUMN: Inside Risks

Risks of Undisciplined Development

An illustration of the problems caused by a lack of discipline in software development and our failure to apply what is known in the field.
COLUMN: Kode Vicious

Version Aversion

The way you number your releases communicates more than you might think.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Score: Agile Research Group Management

Adapting agile software development methodology toward more efficient management of academic research groups.
SECTION: Practice

Photoshop Scalability: Keeping It Simple

Clem Cole and Russell Williams discuss Photoshop's long history with parallelism, and what is now seen as the chief challenge.

Thinking Clearly About Performance, Part 2

More important principles to keep in mind when designing high-performance software.

Tackling Architectural Complexity with Modeling

Component models can help diagnose architectural problems in both new and existing systems.
SECTION: Contributed articles

A Neuromorphic Approach to Computer Vision

Neuroscience is beginning to inspire a new generation of seeing machines.

How Offshoring Affects IT Workers

IT jobs requiring interpersonal interaction or physical presence in fixed locations are less likely to be sent out of the country.
SECTION: Review articles

Peer-to-Peer Systems

Originally invented for music/data sharing and volunteer computing, P2P systems have  become an efficient means for delivering content and innovative services.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: A VM 'Engine' That Makes a Difference

The past decade has witnessed a renaissance in server virtualization. Diwaker Gupta et al. present a novel approach for significantly improving the efficiency of virtualized servers.

Difference Engine: Harnessing Memory Redundancy in Virtual Machines

Virtual machine monitors are a popular platform for Internet hosting centers and cloud-based compute services. But main memory is not amenable to multiplexed hardware resources and is often a bottleneck in achieving higher degrees …

Technical Perspective: Belief Propagation

Nearly every modern tracking system is based on the seminal work of Rudolf Kalman who developed the optimal fusion algorithm for linear dynamics under Gaussian …

Nonparametric Belief Propagation

Probabilistic graphical models and algorithms for approximate inference have proven to be powerful tools in a wide range of applications in statistics and AI. However, applying these methods to models with continuous variables …
COLUMN: Last byte

Q&A: Gray's Paradigm

Tony Hey talks about Jim Gray and his vision of a new era of collaborative, data-intensive science.