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Communications of the ACM

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The End of The American Network

The U.S. National Security Agency's pervasive phone and Internet eavesdropping and surveillance operations is making the surveillance technology in George Orwell's classic novel, 1984, seem rather primitive in comparison. 
DEPARTMENT: From the president

Heidelberg Laureate Forum

The inaugural Heidelberg Laureate Forum affected my thinking about computability and computation.
DEPARTMENT: Letters to the Editor

Microprocessor Architectures Follow Markets and Silicon

"The Value of Microprocessor Designs" (Feb. 2013) aimed to analyze the value of microarchitectures in isolation, as though they could be mixed-and-matched with various silicon implementation technologies over the years. This …

Considering Privacy Issues in the Context of Google Glass

Jason Hong ponders why there has been so much negative press coverage of Google Glass with regard to privacy, considering the issue from two different perspectives.

Future-Proof Encryption

Researchers are relying on quantum mechanics to generate unhackable methods of communication.

More Than a Mouse

Gesture and gaze are among the newest additions to a growing family of computer interfaces.

Legal Issues with Robots

Who is responsible when property is damaged or someone is injured by an automated system? Existing product liability laws have not yet been tested in the context of robots.
COLUMN: Privacy and security

What Regulators Can Do to Advance Privacy Through Design

Seeking to address the challenges of privacy by design through regulatory process and formal law.
COLUMN: Legally speaking

Is Software Patentable?

Assessing the shifting perspectives on patentability standards for software.
COLUMN: Computing ethics

No Limits to Watching?

Considering the ethical questions raised by technologies that are moving from knowing what we are doing (and where) to knowing who we are.
COLUMN: Economic and business dimensions

Why Not Immortality?

A question of biology, technology, and society.
COLUMN: Education

Making Computer Science Count

Combining efforts and expertise, ACM and are partnering to address a rapidly changing education landscape.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Augmented Reality Browsers: Essential Products or Only Gadgets?

How lessons learned from the evolution of the Web and Web browsers can influence the development of AR browsers.
SECTION: Practice

Adopting Devops Practices in Quality Assurance

Merging the art and science of software development.

Leaking Space

Eliminating memory hogs.

Agile and SEMAT: Perfect Partners

Combining agile and SEMAT yields more advantages than either one alone.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Computing Technologies For Reflective, Creative Care of People with Dementia

Mobile apps manage data on individual residents to help carers deliver more person-centered care.

Media Tablets For Mobile Learning

Tablets offer hope for improving learning and collaboration but only if truly integrated into learning settings.
SECTION: Review articles

Algorithmic Trading Review

The competitive nature of AT, the scarcity of expertise, and the vast profits potential, makes for a secretive community where implementation details are difficult to find.

Adaptation of Audiovisual Contents and Their Delivery Means

Coupling content adaptation with context awareness is a promising approach for improving the user's experience.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: Centip3De Demonstrates More Than Moore...

Exponentially increasing transistor integration also demands more interconnections, which have started hitting fundamental limits. The Centip3De design demonstrates two concepts to address this challenge: near-threshold computing …

Centip3De: A Many-Core Prototype Exploring 3D Integration and Near-Threshold Computing

This paper evaluates the use of three-dimensional integration to reduce global interconnect by adding multiple layers of silicon with vertical connections between them using through-silicon vias.
COLUMN: Last byte

Puzzled: Coin Flipping

Each of these puzzles involves coin flipping. Simple stuff, right? Not necessarily . . . though solutions will indeed be provided in next month's column.