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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

DEPARTMENT: Letter from Chair of Education Board

Education, Always

In October, ACM Council approved the publication of the CS 2013 report — an exhaustive 10-year effort championed by ACM's Education Board and IEEE-Computer Society.  
DEPARTMENT: Letter from the President

Cognitive Implants

Every time I see calendar dates like 2014, I feel as if I have been transported by time machine into the future. Isaac Asimov made some remarkably astute projections about 2014 in 1964, so what might he say today?
DEPARTMENT: Letters to the Editor

Contribute More Than Algorithmic Speculation

Jacob Loveless et al.'s article "Online Algorithms in High-Frequency Trading" (Oct. 2013) is an example of potentially valuable research misdirected.

Clarifying Human-Computer Interaction

Philip Guo teaches an undergrad through the use of examples.

A New Type of Mathematics?

New discoveries expand the scope of computer-assisted proofs of theorems.

Should Everybody Learn to Code?

Not everyone needs coding skills, but learning how to think like a programmer can be useful in many disciplines.

Computational Photography Comes Into Focus

Advances in computational photography are making image capture the starting point. The technology is transforming the field.

ACM Fellows Inducted

ACM has recognized 50 of its members for their contributions to computing that are driving innovations across multiple domains and disciplines. 
COLUMN: Privacy and security

Would Cybersecurity Professionalization Help Address the Cybersecurity Crisis?

Evaluating the trade-offs involved in cybersecurity professionalization.
COLUMN: Education

Establishing a Nationwide CS Curriculum in New Zealand High Schools

Providing students, teachers, and parents with a better understanding of computer science and programming.
COLUMN: Inside risks

An Integrated Approach to Safety and Security Based on Systems Theory

Applying a more powerful new safety methodology to security risks.
COLUMN: Kode vicious

Bugs and Bragging Rights

It is not always size that matters.
COLUMN: Economic and business dimensions

Digital Platforms: When Is Participation Valuable?

Assessing the benefits and challenges of knowledge spillovers.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Ready Technology

Fast-tracking emerging business technologies.
SECTION: Practice

Node at LinkedIn: The Pursuit of Thinner, Lighter, Faster

A discussion with Kiran Prasad, Kelly Norton, and Terry Coatta.

Center Wheel For Success

"Not invented here" syndrome is not unique to the IT world.

Provenance in Sensor Data Management

A cohesive, independent solution for bringing provenance to scientific research.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Mars Code

Redundant software (and hardware) ensured Curiosity reached its destination and functioned as its designers intended.

Automatic Exploit Generation

The idea is to identify security-critical software bugs so they can be fixed first.

Cryptography Miracles, Secure Auctions, Matching Problem Verification

A solution to the persistent problem of preventing collusion in Vickrey auctions.
SECTION: Review articles

Computation Takes Time, But How Much?

Timing analysis for hard real-time systems.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: A New Spin on an Old Algorithm

A paper by Ballard, Demmel, Holtz, and Schwartz considers a fundamental problem, adopting a new perspective on an old algorithm that has for years occupied a peculiar place in the theory and practice of matrix algorithms.

Communication Costs of Strassen's Matrix Multiplication

Proving lower bounds on the communication of algorithms and finding algorithms that attain these bounds are fundamental goals. 
COLUMN: Last byte

Puzzled: Lowest Number Wins

Each of these puzzles involves a symmetric game. You will be asked about your best strategy, but what does "best strategy" mean?