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Communications of the ACM

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What Can Be Done About Gender Diversity in Computing?: A Lot!

The 2015 Grace Hopper celebration of women in computing is expected to bring together more than 12,000 — mostly female — computer scientists! But this impressive number should not be taken to mean all is well on the gender-diversity …

The Third Heidelberg Laureate Forum

The Third Heidelberg Laureate Forum equaled and perhaps outperformed the previous two. It was also, however, a poignant event because we were reminded of the ephemeral nature of our human lives.
DEPARTMENT: Letters to the Editor

Ban 'Naked' Braces!

One afternoon early in 1990, one of the 100 or so 4ESS switches that handled U.S. long-distance traffic at the time hit a glitch and executed some untested recovery code. In the process the switch dragged its neighboring switches …

The Morality of Online War; the Fates of Data Analytics, HPC

John Arquilla considers justifications for warfare in the cyber realm, while Daniel Reed looks ahead at big data and exascale computing.

Scientists Update Views of Light

Experiment sheds new light on wave-particle duality.

Automotive Systems Get Smarter

Automotive infotainment systems are driving changes to automobiles, and to driver behavior.

Cyber Policies on the Rise

A growing number of companies are taking out cybersecurity insurance policies to protect themselves from the costs of data breaches.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Keys Under Doormats

Mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all data and communications.
COLUMN: Technology strategy and management

In Defense of IBM

The ability to adjust to various technical and business disruptions has been essential to IBM's success during the past century.
COLUMN: Kode Vicious

Storming the Cubicle

Acquisitive redux.
COLUMN: The business of software

Thinking Thoughts

On brains and bytes.
COLUMN: Historical reflections

Computing Is History

Reflections on the past to inform the future.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Rise of Concerns About AI: Reflections and Directions

Research, leadership, and communication about AI futures.

Life After MOOCs

Online science education needs a new revolution.
SECTION: Practice

Crash Consistency

Rethinking the fundamental abstractions of the file system.

Dismantling the Barriers to Entry

We have to choose to build a Web that is accessible to everyone.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Seeking Anonymity in an Internet Panopticon

The Dissent system aims for a quantifiably secure, collective approach to anonymous communication online.

Framing Sustainability as a Property of Software Quality

This framework addresses the environmental dimension of software performance, as applied here by a paper mill and a car-sharing service.
SECTION: Review articles

Discovering Genes Involved in Disease and the Mystery of Missing Heritability

The challenge of missing heritability offers great contribution options for computer scientists.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: Not Just a Matrix Laboratory Anymore

Mathematics is not difficult to find in Chebfun, the subject of "Computing Numerically with Functions Instead of Numbers."

Computing Numerically with Functions Instead of Numbers

We present the Chebfun system for numerical computation with functions, which is based on a key idea: an analogy of floating-point arithmetic for functions rather than numbers.
COLUMN: Last byte

Future Tense: Processional

Information processing gives spiritual meaning to life, for those who make it their life's work.