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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Departments

The Agency Trilemma and ACM

Three-way conflict arises in professional societies, such as ACM, which have members, elected officials, and permanent staff. Aligning the interests of these three groups can be challenging.
DEPARTMENT: Editor's letter

In Response to 'Vardi's Insights'

Moshe Vardi's column, "The Agency Trilemma and ACM," misrepresents some decisions and actions made in regard to ACM's Open Access model.
DEPARTMENT: Career paths in computing

Promote Sustainability and Help Underserved Communities

Sustainability is the greatest challenge threatening mankind. The U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals promote solutions for this threat. Computing, through a series of serendipitous events, has enabled me to join this fight. …

Teaching Other Teachers How to Teach CS Better

Mark Guzdial shares how he assesses the efforts of other computer science teachers.

A Satisfying Result

Formulating a decades-old geometric conjecture as a satisfiability problem opened the door to its final resolution.

Catching the Fakes

Applying neural networks to images helps identify counterfeit goods.

A Traffic Cop for Low Earth Orbit

Who will be the space traffic controller for orbiting objects?
COLUMN: Security

Trustworthy Scientific Computing

Addressing the trust issues underlying the current limits on data sharing.
COLUMN: Law and technology

Software Professionals, Malpractice Law, and Codes of Ethics

In pursuit of professional status for computing professionals.
COLUMN: Education

CS Unplugged or Coding Classes?

Perhaps a more appropriate question is 'Why not both'?
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Understanding Law and the Rule of Law: A Plea to Augment CS Curricula

Why law matters for computer scientists and other folk.

The 10 Best Practices for Remote Software Engineering

Focusing on the human element of remote software engineer productivity.

Let's Be Honest

Seeking to rectify the two mutually exclusive ways of comparing computational power — encoding and simulation.
SECTION: Practice

Enclaves in the Clouds

Legal considerations and broader implications

Battery Day

A closer look at the technology that makes portable electronics possible.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Implementing Insider Defenses

How to avoid insider cyber-attacks by creating a corporate culture that infuses trust.

HCDA: From Computational Thinking to a Generalized Thinking Paradigm

As a new era in computing emerges, so too must our fundamental thinking patterns.

What Serverless Computing Is and Should Become: The Next Phase of Cloud Computing

The evolution that serverless computing represents, the economic forces that shape it, why it could fail, and how it might fulfill its potential.
SECTION: Review articles

Automata Modulo Theories

Symbolic automata better balances how automata are implemented in practice.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: A Logical Step Toward the Graph Isomorphism Problem

In "Isomorphism, Canonization, and Definability for Graphs of Bounded Rank Width," Grohe and Neuen show that the Weisfeiler-Leman algorithm in its plain form solves the isomorphism problem for bounded-rank width graphs.

Isomorphism, Canonization, and Definability for Graphs of Bounded Rank Width

In this paper we study the graph isomorphism problem and the closely related graph canonization problem as well as logical definability and descriptive complexity on graph classes of bounded rank width.

Technical Perspective: Robust Statistics Tackle New Problems

"Robustness Meets Algorithms," by Ilias Diakonikolas, et al., represents the beginning of a long and productive line of work on robust statistics in high dimensions.

Robustness Meets Algorithms

We give the first efficient algorithm for estimating the parameters of a high-dimensional Gaussian that is able to tolerate a constant fraction of corruptions that is independent of the dimension.
COLUMN: Last byte

Behold the Ch!Ld

Opportunity can come calling when you least expect it.