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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editor's letter

Computing's Grand Challenge for Sustainability

The computing community should embrace a grand challenge to reduce the carbon-emissions and environmental impact of computing in absolute terms dramatically, and if possible, to zero.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

The more I think about the potential brittleness of neural networks and recognition or decision making, the more I wonder how we will be able to tell when a neural network choice or decision is incorrect.

Driving an Innovation Contest into Crisis

Aleksandr Romanov considers how a lack of permanent leadership is impacting the InnovateFPGA contest.

Neurosymbolic AI

Combining neural networks with symbolic representations might make them more versatile and dependable.

In Memoriam: Juris Hartmanis 1928-2022

ACM Fellow and 1993 ACM A.M. Turing Award recipient Juris Hartmanis, co-inventor of complexity theory, died on July 29, 2022, at 94.

Hidden Malware Ratchets Up Cybersecurity Risks

Cybercriminals could be hiding malware payloads in places where commercial cybersecurity software is unable to detect it.

Applied AI Teaches Handwriting

In an increasingly digital world, how do you teach students cursive handwriting?
COLUMN: Technology strategy and management

Data Platforms and Network Effects

How data-network effects create opportunities and inflate expectations.
COLUMN: Kode Vicious

Securing the Company Jewels

GitHub and runbook security.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Storytelling and Science

Incorporating storytelling into organizational culture.

What's Your Placebo?

The dangers of participation bias in educational studies.
SECTION: Practice

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

The COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of four tech workers.

Linear Address Spaces

Unsafe at any speed.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Creating a Revolutionary Academic Program

Overcoming the inherent challenges.

Assessing the Quantum-Computing Landscape

A summative assessment of quantum computing's progress, based on market readiness and investment levels, and its future implications.
SECTION: Review articles

Should Young Computer Scientists Stop Collaborating with Their Doctoral Advisors?

Factors that impact (positively and negatively) the advisor-advisee relationship.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: Traffic Classification in the Era of Deep Learning

"Traffic Classification in an Increasingly Encrypted Web," by Iman Akbari et al., does a great job in reviewing related work in the network traffic classification space.

Traffic Classification in an Increasingly Encrypted Web

In this paper, we design a novel feature engineering approach used for encrypted Web protocols, and develop a neural network architecture based on stacked long short-term memory layers and convolutional neural networks.

Technical Perspective: Achieve Big with Devices that Track Small Things

"AuraRing: Precise Electromagnetic Finger Tracking," by Farshid Salemi Parizi, Eric Whitmire, and Shwetak Patel, details the AuraRing system's remarkable ability to sense user interactions at high granularities.

AuraRing: Precise Electromagnetic Finger Tracking

We present AuraRing, a wearable magnetic tracking system designed for tracking fine-grained finger movement.
COLUMN: Last byte

Card Nim

Ordering the Nim sum.