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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editor's letter

CACM Community

I became Editor-in-Chief of Communications of the ACM to make the magazine again the forum where the computer science community shares its most important results.

Embracing Critical Voices

I am delighted to be joining Communications as a chair for the Viewpoints section. I hope to stir some vigorous debate about the impact of computing for both good and ill, about how the ACM community itself functions, and about …

Exploring Questions and Answers in Computer Science Education

We embrace the broader vision of Communications as a place the computing community can come to stay abreast of areas other than its own and are excited to make computing education a part of that vision.
DEPARTMENT: Departments

An Association of the Members, by the Members, for the Members

The ACM Future of Computing Academy and social-responsibility initiatives are both very important to the future of ACM, and ACM should not give up on them.

The Dynamics of Remembering and Forgetting

Carlos Baquero and Rosa Cabecinhas consider how we make assumptions about authors' roles and relative contributions when reading papers.

Building a Practical Quantum Computer

Quantum computation has a long road ahead.

Brain Implants Get Real

Universities, and a growing number of companies, are producing brain-computer interfaces.

Using Makeup to Block Surveillance

Altering one's facial features with a special type of makeup can keep them from being recognized by artificial intelligence.
COLUMN: Legally speaking

Apple's Challenge to Virtualization Software

Is it okay for security researchers to virtualize software to look for vulnerabilities?
COLUMN: Economic and business dimensions

The Future of Information Work

Considering the recent effects of remote work on network structure.
COLUMN: Privacy

Cookie Monster

Inscrutable cookie banners torment users while failing to inform consent.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Algorithms with Predictions

Seeking a new approach that goes beyond worst-case analysis.

Words Matter

Some jargon can be offensive to newcomers and unintentionally shape our thoughts.
SECTION: Practice

The Keys to the Kingdom

A deleted private key, a looming deadline, and a last chance to patch a new static root of trust into the bootloader.

Surveillance Too Cheap to Meter

Stopping Big Brother would require an expensive overhaul of the entire system.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Toward Verified Artificial Intelligence

Making AI more trustworthy with a formal methods-based approach to AI system verification and validation.

Language Models: Past, Present, and Future

A language modeling overview, highlighting basic concepts, intuitive explanations, technical achievements, and fundamental challenges.
SECTION: Review articles

When Satisfiability Solving Meets Symbolic Computation

The science of less-than-brute force.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: Evaluating Sampled Metrics Is Challenging

"On Sampled Metrics for Item Recommendation," by Walid Krichene and Steffen Rendle, exposes a crucial aspect for the evaluation of algorithms and tools: the impact of using sampled metrics instead of exactly computed metrics. …

On Sampled Metrics for Item Recommendation

This paper investigates sampled metrics and shows that it is possible to improve the quality of sampled metrics by applying a correction, obtained by minimizing different criteria.

Technical Perspective: Visualization Search: From Sketching to Natural Language

"Expressive Querying for Accelerating Visual Analytics," by Tarique Siddiqui et al., provides a general abstraction, along with advanced interfaces, focusing on visualization search.

Expressive Querying for Accelerating Visual Analytics

In this work, we introduce the problem of visualization search and highlight two underlying challenges of search enumeration and visualization matching.
COLUMN: Last byte

Exclusivity Probes

Probing for particles.