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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Departments

Technology and Democracy

Computing has become highly important in everyday life during the past 75 years. In addition to its many benefits, however, it has also played a major role in driving societal polarization.
DEPARTMENT: Career paths in computing

The Making of an IT Strategy Consultant

Years ago, my mentor asked me how I envisioned my career. I replied, "It's important that my work is fun." She replied rather dryly, "You can't live off fun, Kristian."

Changing the Nature of AI Research

Subbarao Kambhampati considers how artificial intelligence may be straying from its roots.

Competition Makes Big Datasets the Winners

Measurement has driven research groups to home in on the most popular datasets, but that may change as metrics shift to real-world quality.

The Road to 6G

Looking past 5G to sixth-generation wireless technology.

How AI Is Driving the Esports Boom

Artificial intelligence is helping the esports industry take the world by storm.
COLUMN: Law and technology

These Are Not the Apes You Are Looking For

Considering copyright licensing issues involving non-fungible tokens to manage creative works.
COLUMN: Security

Security by Labeling

Protecting and empowering the digital consumer.
COLUMN: The profession of IT

The Atlas Milestone

Celebrating virtual memory, which has made such a difference in how we approach programming, memory management, and secure computing.
COLUMN: Point/counterpoint

On the Model of Computation: Point: We Must Extend Our Model of Computation to Account for Cost and Location

We must extend our model of computation to account for cost and location.

On the Model of Computation: Counterpoint: Parallel Programming Wall and Multicore Software Spiral: Denial Hence Crisis

Parallel programming wall and multicore software spiral: Denial hence crisis.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Let Us Not Put All Our Eggs in One Basket

Toward new research directions in computer science.
SECTION: Practice

Middleware 101

What to know now and for the future.

Persistence Programming

Are we doing this right?
SECTION: Contributed articles

Deploying Decentralized, Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing

Lessons from a pandemic.

Deconstructing the Bakery to Build a Distributed State Machine

A rigorous journey from the bakery algorithm to a distributed state machine.
SECTION: Review articles

When SDN and Blockchain Shake Hands

A survey of recent efforts to combine SDN and BC shows promising results and points to directions for future research.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: Physical Layer Resilience through Deep Learning in Software Radios

"Polymorphic Wireless Receivers," by Francesco Restuccia and Tommaso Melodia, tackles the problem of physical layer resilience in wireless systems from a completely new perspective.

Polymorphic Wireless Receivers

We introduce PolymoRF, a deep learning-based polymorphic receiver able to reconfigure itself in real time based on the inferred waveform parameters.

Technical Perspective: The Effectiveness of Security Measures

"Measuring Security Practices," by Louis F. DeKoven et al., provide a unique perspective into how users choose to implement common security advice in practice.

Measuring Security Practices

This paper seeks to make progress on the prevalence of popular security practices and their relationship to security outcomes via the longitudinal empirical measurement of a large population of computer devices.
COLUMN: Last byte

Advancing the Ability of Robots to Help

ACM Athena Lecturer Ayanna Howard considers the benefits of robotics and the potential drawbacks of overtrust.