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Word Lens: Augmented Reality App Translates Street Signs Instantly

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Word Lens for the iPhone is one of the most amazing apps we have ever seen. Take a look at this video, but put down any hot liquids first.

It’s an augmented-reality, OCR-capable translation app, but that’s a poor description. A better one would be "magic." World Lens looks at any printed text through the iPhone's camera, reads it, translates between Spanish and English. That's pretty impressive already—it does it in real time—but it also matches the color, font, and perspective of the text, and remaps it onto the image. It's as if the world itself has been translated.

Impressed? You’re not the only one. John Gruber of Daring Fireball puts it best: "[It's] as though near-future time travelers started sending us apps instead of Terminators."

From Wired
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