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How Many It Jobs Will Obama Help Create?

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With President-elect Barack Obama widely expected to sign a significant federal stimulus bill shortly after taking office in January, the IT industry is hopeful that the new measures could create as many as 300,000 new IT jobs. These jobs would represent about one-eighth of all new jobs created within the U.S. economy. Keeping in mind that offshore outsourcing may be accelerating as companies seek to cut costs during a difficult economic period, the article examines in greater detail how many tech jobs might be saved or created by a federal stimulus package.

Obama has already released a broad outline of a plan that calls for heavy IT investments in schools, health care, broadband networks and energy. In 2009, the details of those plans could determine which tech industries fare well and which ones don't. The incoming administration will need to determine whether it will favor older or newer technologies. In a base case scenario, IT consultants predict that stimulus spending could result in between 50,000 to 200,000 tech workers. However, if Obama's "pro-tech agenda" is pushed forward in its entirety, the nation could see a 10% gain in tech jobs, or nearly 300,000 new IT jobs.

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