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Amazon’s Cloud Unit to Offer Quantum Computing From 3 Tech Companies

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 Superimposed ions on an ion trap. Inc.s cloud division has launched a commercial service that will permit its customers to experiment with quantum computing platforms.

Credit: IonQ Inc. Inc.'s cloud division said Thursday it has launched a commercial service that allows millions of customers to experiment with quantum computing platforms produced by three technology companies.

The launch follows a test period of about eight months of the service with academic institutions and companies including Fidelity Investments Inc.

Amazon Braket, part of Amazon Web Services, lets existing AWS customers experiment with early-stage quantum computing machines from D-Wave Systems Inc., IonQ Inc. and Rigetti Computing over its cloud.

By harnessing quantum physics, quantum computers have the potential to sort through a vast number of possibilities in nearly real time and come up with a probable solution. While traditional computers store information as either zeros or ones, quantum computers use quantum bits, or qubits, which represent and store information as both zeros and ones simultaneously.


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