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Now for AI's Latest Trick: Writing Computer Code

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Automating coding could change software development, but the limitations and blind spots of modern artificial intelligence may introduce new problems.

Credit: Elena Lacey

It can take years to learn how to write computer code well. SourceAI, a Paris startup, thinks programming shouldn't be such a big deal.

The company is fine-tuning a tool that uses artificial intelligence to write code based on a short text description of what the code should do. Tell the company's tool to "multiply two numbers given by a user," for example, and it will whip up a dozen or so lines in Python to do just that.

SourceAI's ambitions are a sign of a broader revolution in software development. Advances in machine learning have made it possible to automate a growing array of coding tasks, from auto-completing segments of code and fine-tuning algorithms to searching source code and locating pesky bugs.

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