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Russia's War in Ukraine Could Spur Another Global Chip Shortage

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Ukraine is just one of a series of choke points in the global semiconductor industry.

Credit: Getty Images

On Thursday morning, explosions rocked at least seven cities in Ukraine, heralding the start of a full-scale Russian invasion. Among Putin's first targets was Odesa, a seaside city huddled around the Black Sea, and one of the country's busiest ports. But it is also home to a little-known company called Cryoin, which plays a big role in the global production of semiconductors.

Cryoin makes neon gas, a substance used to power the lasers that etch patterns into computer chips. It supplies companies in Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan, but most of its neon is shipped to the US, the company told WIRED. Now analysts are warning that the ripple effects caused by disruption to Cryoin's supply could be felt around the world.

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