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Criminal Lawyer Warns AI Could Make Courtrooms 'Doubt Their Own Eyes'

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An AI-generated image depicting lawyers holding their heads in frustration.

Researchers say concerns should be carefully considered, but opinions differ on potential solutions.

Credit: DALL-E

The former president of the Queensland Law Society has warned the potential realism of AI-generated vision and audio means "jurors may end up doubting the proof of their own eyes".

Senior counsel Bill Potts said realistic AI-generated content, like deepfake videos or images, were "going to be of significant concern for both prosecution and defence".

Mr Potts said he had already seen "creative editing" of tapes and photos well before modern AI technology, but said recent advancements could make that even harder to detect.

"How can a defendant explain that a video is simply fake?" he said.

"They can say: 'It wasn't me, I didn't do it, I wasn't there', but the evidence or the so-called evidence may convince a jury the opposite.

"Jurors may end up doubting the proof of their own eyes."

From ABC News (Australia)
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