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Creatives Are Fighting Back Against AI with Lawsuits

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Illustration of an AI 'helping' an artist.

Without AI regulations, artists have turned to lawsuits to push back.

Credit: Getty Images

Since last fall, experts have touted generative artificial intelligence as both a groundbreaking innovation in tech and a potential threat to humanity. The rapid growth of this nascent technology has outpaced the law, and AI has remained largely unregulated. Some creatives have grown impatient waiting for governments to step in and are banding together to push back against AI companies with a flurry of lawsuits. 

A growing number of visual artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers argue that generative-AI companies illegally train their systems with their copyrighted work. They are rebelling against the tide of generative AI in court and with mass petitions. "The data rebellion that we're seeing across the country is society's way of pushing back against this idea that Big Tech is simply entitled to take any and all information from any source whatsoever and make it their own," Ryan Clarkson, the founder of a law firm behind two class-action lawsuits against Google and OpenAI, told The New York Times.

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