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Downsizing Is Real ­pper For Daylight Solutions

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Daylight Solutions' laser core modules

Daylight Solutions' laser core modules.

John Gastaldo / Union-Tribune

Startup company Daylight Solutions is betting that its cutting-edge sensor technology will change the landscape in fields ranging from medical diagnostics to environmental monitoring. The four-year-old firm, which has raised $13 million in venture capital, has essentially uncovered a way to transform bulky infrared-laser technology, previously confined to university labs, so it can be brought to the real world.

With a Daylight-powered laser-sensor device, diabetics can detect glucose in their breath, vehicles can be equipped with laser-powered breathalyzers, and smoke alarms can be beefed up to find harmful gases before a fire starts or people get sick. "I look at this as next-generation technology," said Paul Larson, the company's co-founder and chief operating officer. "It's like going from the mainframe computer to the desktop."

From The San Diego Union-Tribune
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