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Kim Jong-Il's Old School Nurtures Top Scientists

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Kim Jong-il

North Korea's Kim Jong-il

Credit: Reuters: Korea News Service

As North Korea's nuclear tests and missile launches affirm its technological and military prowess, alarming its neighbors and drawing international criticism, a school once attended by leader Kim Jong-il is nurturing the country's next generation of top scientists. The school in the North Korean capital focuses mainly on mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics with most students going on to attend science universities, said Kim Jong Hyun, the vice principal of the Number One Middle School in Pyongyang.

On the wall of a physics classroom were drawings and diagrams explaining surface-to-air missiles, planes, rockets and a magnetic levitation train. Nearby was a cutaway model of a submarine while other laboratories held high-technology equipment, such as an electron microscope. "These were donated by Kim Jong-il," the vice principal said through a government interpreter as he showed off new machines in a chemistry laboratory. "This school is a model school for our country."



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Kim Jong Il has died.

The trouble making leader of North Korea is no more.

News out of the communist country said that he died on a train from exhaustion.

It will be very interesting to see what happens with North Korea now.

Indeed, the world will be watching.

George Vreeland Hill

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