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Children's Book Apps Get Curiouser and Curiouser

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When cards really attack

Atomic Antelope

I'm crazy about Web browsing, movie watching and other activities on the iPad, but the idea of reading ordinary books on Apple's device just doesn't appeal to me. I prefer the old-fashioned experience of reading in the printed form.

I'm intrigued, though, by the idea that the iPad, and eventually other tablet devices will give rise to a hybrid medium--call them book apps--that mix text with video, sound and game-like interactivity.

After sampling several early examples of these books apps, I've seen some tantalizing hints of the creative possibilities for authors and publishers who recast themselves as app makers.

From The Wall Street Journal
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Liz Valentine

Nothing quite like the smell of paper in my opinion, or the ability to trace the indentations of the printed characters in paper/shiny paper of image plates/tactile details on covers. I wonder how these sensory and highly evocative emotional attachments to reading that I have/do enjoy(ed) will evolve, especially as they are unique to different books. The issue of value is one that I find hard to overcome also, being someone who enjoys collecting rare books, or those with lovely images and stories - they are things of beauty.

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