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It's Time to Make Code More Tinker-Friendly

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It's Time to Make Code More Tinker-Friendly, illustration

Credit: Wired

Back in ye olde days of the information superhighway, curious newbies had an easy way to see how websites worked: View Source.

If they clicked that option in the browser, presto! It would display the HTML and bits of Javascript that created the page. That's how many of today's midcareer coders learned: They peeked behind the Wizard of Oz curtain.

But the world they enjoyed has nearly vanished. Websites have evolved into complex, full-featured apps; click View Source on and behold the slurry of incomprehensible Javascript. This increasingly worries old-guard coders. We don't want the field to de-­democratize and become the province solely of those who can slog through a computer science degree.

So we need new tools that let everyone see, understand, and remix today's web. We need, in other words, to reboot the culture of View Source.

From Wired
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