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Google's AI Approach to Microchips Is Welcome—but Needs Care

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Googles AI Approach to Microchips Is Welcomebut Needs Care

Google researchers used 10,000 chip floorplans to train their software. The software then worked out how to generate floorplans that used no more space, wire, and electric power than did those designed by engineers. The AI-generated chips took less than s

Recent news from researchers at Google about using artificial intelligence (AI) to drastically cut microchip design times represents an important achievement and will help to speed up the supply chain. More-accessible and more-efficient microchips will power the development of autonomous vehicles, 5G communications, AI, and more—opportunities that should not be missed.

But it's important to consider the wider implications of using automated design technologies, particularly the need for people with relevant skills and expertise, and for upskilling those who currently do the process manually.

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