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Elon Musk's Tesla Bot Is a Joke

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Human dressed in robot costume dancing

The Tesla Bot will stand 5'8" tall (1.7m), weigh 125 lbs. (56kg), have "human-level hands," and eliminate "dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks," Musk said.

At the most recent Tesla AI Day, CEO Elon Musk promised that Tesla, a company whose driver-assist software is unable to reliably avoid parked ambulances, would soon build a fully functioning humanoid robot. A dancer in a spandex robot suit served as the model for the new robot.

Even by Musk's standards, it was a bizarre and brilliant bit of tomfoolery: a multipurpose sideshow that trolled Tesla skeptics, fed the fans, ginned up the share price, and created some eye-catching headlines.

From The Verge
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