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'I Don't Really Trust Papers Out of Top AI Labs Anymore'

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pairs of eyes on a research paper

More than 70 percent of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist's experiments, one survey found.

Credit: AIM

The role of scientific researchers working at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Oxford University, and many other top labs cannot be overstated.

How useful are their papers for the community at large?

Recently, a Reddit user published a post titled, 'I don't really trust papers out of "Top Labs" anymore.' In the post, the user asked: Why should the AI community trust these papers published by a handful of corporations and the occasional universities? Why should I trust that your ideas are even any good? I can't check them; I can't apply them to my own projects.

Jathan Sadowski, a senior fellow at Emerging Tech Lab, responded: "AI/ML research at places like Google and OpenAI is based on spending absurd amounts of money, compute, and electricity to brute force arbitrary improvements. The inequality, the trade-offs, the waste — all for incremental progress toward a bad future."

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