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Connecting Large Language Models to Human Values

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AI researcher Connor Leahy

EleutherAI co-founder Connor Leahy is an AI researcher working on understanding large machine-learning models and aligning them to human values.

EleutherAI is a decentralized grassroots collective of volunteer researchers, engineers, and developers focused on artificial intelligence (AI) alignment, scaling, and open source AI research. In an interview, co-founder Leahy discusses the organization's flagship project: the GPT-Neo family of models designed to match those developed by OpenAI as GPT-3.

Topics include replicating GPT-2/GPT-3, deciding whether to relese GPT-2 weights, life after GPT-2, GPT-3 and the start of EleutherAI, superhuman AI, AI alignment and releasing powerful models, AI risk and research norms, and more.

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