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Turning a Million-Qubit Quantum Computing Dream into Reality

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Illustration of a futurist semiconductor that implies speed and power.

"Quantum is harder than making a transistor. So why would we expect that to happen quicker than a typical technology development cycle?" -James Clarke

James Clarke is the director of quantum hardware at Intel.

James Clarke believes quantum computing will not become practical until the industry is producing chips crammed with upwards of a million error-corrected quantum bits (qubits). IBM, Google, and startups such as PsiQuantum have all stated plans to build such grandiose machines, but Clarke believes Intel has a unique advantage in making this possible with its manufacturing-driven development approach, which he discusses in an interview.

"While we're not there today, over the future, we feel that we will be able to scale a lot faster, get to have a much higher density of qubits in our devices," Clarke says.

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