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Vint Cerf on 3 Mistakes He Made in TCP/IP

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Internet pioneer and ACM A.M. Turing recipient Vint Cerf.

"I didn't expect the avalanche of content that went onto the Internet once the Web was made available." -Vint Cerf

Credit: Peter Adams

Vint Cerf, 2004 recipient of the ACM A.M Turing award for his pioneering work on Internet protocols, did not have a perfect view of the Internet's future. In hindsight, there are a few things he admits he got wrong, which he discusses in an interview.

On why he opted to use 32-bit addresses, he says, "Everybody laughs and says, 'You idiot, why didn't you use 128-bit addresses?' The answer is that, back in 1973, people would've said, 'You're crazy if you think you need 3.4 times 10 to the 38th addresses to do an experiment that you aren't sure is going to work."

From IEEE Spectrum
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